Opening Up About My New “Disease”...Senior Parentitis

I’d like to talk about something that has been happening to me all year long. In this video I’m going to get real about my emotions. This is something that I’ve been calling #SeniorParentitis.

Brooklyn and Bailey are going to college this summer and this year has flown by! It keeps getting closer and closer to their #graduation, and all I can think about is how just yesterday they were 8-year old girls in bouncing pig tails.

On the one hand, I’m so excited for them to go to college and grow and learn, but on the other hand, I am going to miss them! When you first become a #parent, you’re told this child, or these children, are totally dependent on you. You need to feed them, change them, and teach them. After 18 years of them being dependent on me, I didn’t realize how dependant I became on them.

I’ve been calling this “Disease” Senior Parentitis. This is my name for my current #adjustment disorder. I’m struggling with the fact that my baby girls are moving out to college in just a few short months. These feelings keep getting triggered by our ‘last’ high school events together. They’re last dance show, they’re last choir performance, their last high school vlog. Each time we pass by another feather in their cap I get closer to them leaving.

Anybody know any tips or tricks on how to deal with this disorder? Right now I’m just trying not to cry at big events, but I’m looking for different coping techniques. Comment below if you guys have been through this or have any suggestions!

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