photo © Elisabeth Heier

This weeks «One pic Wednesday» is one of my own photos. Dedicated to a collection of objects with a special meaning to me. You all know I go on and on trying to convince you that interior is not about trends. Its about your home, how you want to live, to surround yourself with things you like – and to mix old and new, design with budget finds and that function comes first. ..ok and a tiny bit about trends as well.

On my running-errands-tour yesterday I went by one of my favorite flower shops, I had seen they had gotten some beautiful grass in store and it has been impossible to find for months. What I expected to be something imported from Southern Europe turned out being handpicked by the owner Anne Mina near her seaside cabin here in Norway. I love the fact that someone does that! The wooden sphere from Kristina Dam was a gift from one of my best friends who always knows whats on my wishlist, even though I haven’t told her. The graphic print is made by very talented and super nice Therese Sennerholt, from a limited edition she did a year ago. The print is called Full Moon Doodle, the name caputers what it is; night time doodling that she tends to do when she needs to get an outlet for her creativity, free from briefs and other rules. The vase is several years old, made by the Danish ceramist Henrik Rasmussen who lives and works in Norway. ..and the piles of magazines? Just my never-ending love for print.




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