Fall is all about rich, warm colors, cozy atmosphere, and crisp days. Likely, many of us will want to switch out summer décor for fall, although sometimes it’s hard to find time, money, or ideas to know the best ways to go about seasonal décor transitions.

Here’s a very straightforward way to achieve six different looks, all appropriate for Fall, with just a white candle and a glass bowl…and a few everyday accent ingredients.

Start with a candle that fits easily inside of a glass container. You’ll want about an inch of space all the way around the candle between the candle and the glass wall.

Popcorn kernel candle.

When the candle is centered, carefully pour in some popcorn kernels.

Corn is a very fall-ish grain, particularly with corn mazes, corn husking, and stovetop-popped popcorn. So, it makes sense that the first decoration you can craft with your candle is one surrounded by popcorn.

Candy corn candle.

Speaking of corn, it wouldn’t be fall (especially for those of us with kids) without candy corn.

A white candle and clear glass provides such a blank slate for décor, that these bright treats look fun and festive next to them.

When the candle isn’t lit, this fall decoration looks well on a coffee table or similar piece of furniture, too. It’s a nice seasonal vibe from every angle.

Cinnamon stick candle.

If your glass bowl or apothecary is large enough, cinnamon sticks look wonderfully fall-ish around a white candle. You just have to have enough space to accommodate the sticks. Place them carefully around the candle so they don’t chip or break altogether.

You might need to adjust a few cinnamon sticks to eliminate any strange gaps, but, once positioned, the arrangement looks (and smells) delightful.

Layered dry bean candle.

Grab 3-5 varieties of dry beans with colors appropriate for fall. The possibilities are limitless! This is the order of this example.

Pour the beans in slowly, with the lip of the bag as close to the pouring surface (e.g., the other beans underneath) as possible. This helps the layers to stay true and crisp.

In determining the types of beans that you want to use for your layers, remember that the more different the bean colors are, the more striking the layers will be. If you want a subtler appearance, which could lend quite a nice ombre look, consider choosing beans that are similar in color but with different lightness/darkness.

I love the slightly varied layer thicknesses here, as well.

Jute rope candle.

Begin by wrapping jute rope counter-clockwise around the bottom of your candle. If you have enough rope, you can wrap until it is thick enough to just barely fit into your glass jar.

If you’re a little short on rope, simply put the rope-wrapped candle into the bottom of your glass jar and use your fingers to loosen the rope in a clockwise position. Be sure to keep the candle pressed to the bottom of the glass jar during this rope-loosening step.

This is such a simple piece of décor. There’s something about the textural appeal of jute rope that makes it perfect for almost any season, I think, but especially fall.

One thing to consider as you’re contemplating your own glass jar and candle décor for fall is texture. Practically any item that has an interesting texture, natural/fall coloring, and small enough size would look amazing in this type of arrangement.

Pinecone candle.

The smaller the pinecones, of course, the better. I had access to these long, narrow pinecones from a blue spruce tree.

The imperfect alignment of the pinecones in the glass container is cozy, warm, and appealing for the cooler months ahead. Be sure that the candle flame is well clear of the pinecones and any other dry and/or flammable objects that you use to surround your candle. Enjoy this simple fall candle decoration!

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