On My Body This Week: Trying Out a New Maximalism Thing + Some New Favorites

Emily Henderson Fashion On My Body Mar 16 OpenerEmily Henderson Fashion On My Body Mar 16 Opener

Due to my weeks of travel + pajamas lately, even I was relieved to find that this week I actually put on clothes that I really liked. What I have to remind myself is that most days, I’m on set, styling or checking in on projects so whatever I wear has to be comfortable, moveable and not precious (nary a dress) but I also had five photo shoots this week (three on camera) so I had my hair and makeup done. We also shot a fun spring fashion piece but you’ll have to wait for next week to see those lewks. Today, it’s all about real-life, what I actually wore on my body outfits.


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Jeans (similar) | Jacket | Hat | Boots

My new favorite spring jacket that I find flattering, comfortable and useful (big pockets). My Nisolo boots have become my go-to “utility” shoe and they work really well with skinny jeans. Insert new hat for my not-dealing-with-my-hair Monday look.


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Shirt | Jeans (on sale!) | Mules | Necklace (similar)

This was a moment where I tried color this week and I’m not actually sure about it…not convinced I like red. I like florals. I like ruffles. But do I like RED FLORAL RUFFLES all together? Not sure. This is however what is happening right now…maximalism in fashion. I know this because we’ve been talking about it and literally Googling what 25-year-olds are wearing in New York and what you’ll find is CAH-RAZY. I’m sure I’ll be on board soon, always slightly behind the nutty trends. Meanwhile, though I’m not selling those clogs there (I think they are wrong with the jeans), I LOVE THEM and I’ve worn them a ton since I bought them last week.


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Shirt | Shorts | Mules

Hello SUMMER SHORTS. I’ll still rock last year’s Levi’s but pretty psyched about this year’s although they are going even shorter…I’m wearing these right now while in Ojai on vacation with my friends. Also, that top was my attempt at BROWN. Are you guys dipping your mule in the brown color fashion trend right now? I’m still on the fence.


Img 1332

Shirt | Jacket | Pants | Shoes

All my friends are here: drop crotch, casual shoes with a heel, a simple button up and my new amazing chambray coat. You might not be impressed with the innovation here, but this is my favorite outfit of the week.


Image From Ios 8

Jeans | Shirt | Mules

What an awkward thing to do with your leg, but I do love my new boyfriend cut jeans. Those mules are my first attempt at an animal print, and since it’s small enough, I can do it. The button up is still my favorite oversized one from Target.

And there you go. We’ll have an actual fashion post next week…meanwhile HAVE THE BEST SATURDAY EVER. I’m at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa with my best friends from Oregon and the only thing that would make me happier is if Brian drove my kids up for a 15-minute squeeze, only to leave post-hug. Have a lovely one. xx

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