Ombre appeared relatively recently, having been at the peak of popularity, hairstyles with this technique of painting began to take second place. However, the reception continues to live and to seek new forms. Now trending eyebrows Ombre.


Техника омбре для бровей

No need to remind you that the eyebrow is an integral part of makeup. Today the fashion catwalks in favour of natural, no bright colors look heavier. However, naturalness does not negate the care hairs: correction needed in 9 of 10 cases. If you can not boast of thick natural hairs, they are correct, then the Ombre eyebrows for you.

What is the method of staining? Gradual color change is the basis on which to build technique. At the base of the hairs have a light tint, to the point of bending the color becomes richer, and to the tip again brightens.

Tip! This makeup looks beautiful only on well-groomed eyebrows. Don’t forget about the correction and caring oils.


Техника омбре для бровей

Eyebrow style Ombre do not all salons and masters, so before to make an appointment, be sure to check the qualifications of a specialist. As for the staining, it changes only the equipment remain familiar. You can choose permanent makeup eyebrows or dyeing with natural dyes.

The advantage of chemical means for staining, their cheapness and speed of action. However, such coloring pigment may spoil the hair, especially with frequent application, can cause allergies.

In the case of bio-dyeing using natural ingredients: henna and Basma. The paint is diluted depending on the desired color intensity, this change in shade will be less to hold on, but the probability to burn the eyebrows is reduced to zero.

By the way, in the case of Ombre eyebrows, the same color rules as in the classical technique:

    Brunettes with pale skin should choose dark gray or dark brown tone. Dark brunettes will suit a rich brown, chocolate. Blondes should choose light brown shades. Redheaded suitable terracotta and Golden – brown scales.

It is best before the first simulation to go to a good salon where professional will select the shade and determine the necessary saturation, their gradientmode. Mix paint in the correct proportions of the house will be more difficult.

Tip! Additionally, the master in the cabin will determine the correct form of the eyebrows you wear. It may be necessary to change the point or angle of bend to the transition looked more impressive.

Such a design after the salon can hold up to a month, you will next need updating, embellishing. View is it possible to make coloring eyebrows Ombre at home.


Техника омбре для бровей

As mentioned above, mixing and determine the correct time of exposure for this technique hard. Then the question arises, how to do the Ombre effect on eyebrows at home. Comes to the aid of old makeup.

To master coloring with the help of cosmetic products by virtue of every fashionista, it is possible to closely examine a photo or video resources. For imaging you will need:

    Eyebrow powder in different shades or different tones of pencils. The concealer. A set of brushes.

Tip! Additionally you may need the Builder gel, required should be based on your individual features.
You can reduce the list of required to a minimum and take only the shadows or pencil a shade darker than natural hair color. However, it will look slightly worse than the different tones of cosmetics.


Техника омбре для бровей

Before you create a makeup it is important to remember that the eyebrows must be properly built – is the key to a beautiful outdoor view. Even if you are successfully corrected form or not done at all, with the help of cosmetics you can paint the contours to correct the situation. The eyebrow has three parts: head, body and tail. The head is the beginning of hair growth, the body area to bend, and a tail part following the upper part. On this basis, it is possible to enumerate some basic rules to which you must always.

    The boundaries of the head and body should be parallel to each other. The upper and lower bending angle has to be vertical. The bottom corner of the head and tail must also be at the same level.

All three points are extremely important. For example, if the head is below the end of the tail, the look will napivshiysya, if you omit the tail, then the expression becomes sad. Retaining all and only the principles of formation of the eyebrows, you will leave your natural facial expressions.

Tips that will help You to paint the eyebrows in the technique of Ombre:


Техника омбре для бровей

Now, when the boundaries are determined, you can begin drawing. Concealer need to protonirovanie eyelid. This will not only help to make the complexion more smooth, and makeup neat, but will make an excellent base for applying cosmetics.

Apply colour is the best synthetic brush, it is not so pouchitsa and leaves no lint, unlike tools with natural bristles. Now, take the cosmetics which you will use. We consider applying the technique on the example of shadows, as they look more natural. You can also use eyebrow pencil, then you need to make a quality feather.

Create the eyebrows Ombre several options:

    Take one color as close to natural. Lightly blend the head, body and tail, good paint mascara on, based on the principles of eyebrows. In the second case the head is not stained. For line bending, take the darker shade and paint mascara on the tip of a bright tone. Back off 2-3 mm from the base of the eyebrow, promosuite the area before bending a bright hue. The arch is dark and the tail light again. The latest version also retreating 2-3 mm from the base to the flexure to apply a light tone, then hairs are drawn with a darker color.

Tip! If you are by nature unruly or hard hairs after coloring, apply a colorless gel to simulate eyebrows. It will keep longer and the paint will make the eyebrows neat.

Any of these options will look great with high-quality feather. This task will help to cope brush or brush under mascara used.


Техника омбре для бровей

So you’ve mastered the technique Ombre, and learned to make beautiful and expressive eyebrows. But it is worth remembering that the fashion is wide, thick eyebrows. This of course does not exclude the use of tweezers, but on rare hairs this makeup will not look. So eyebrows were thick and well groomed, follow a few rules:

    Before bed always remove makeup, skin and hair follicles need to breathe. Every day brush your eyebrows with a special brush. This will not only put them to sleep, but will also improve blood circulation. Don’t forget about nutrition and hydration. To care you can use the ready means or used castor and burdock oil. Also for the efficiency of the oil can be mixed and alternated.

As a result, you get bright, shiny hair that is easy to lie and take the desired shape. By the way, makeup artists suggest the technique of Ombre and when you have no time for makeup. Just fix the bottom of the clear gel, and bend and touch up a plain ponytail with a pencil.

So well-known and fashionable technique heavy for long term staining, but requires almost no skills when applying your daily makeup. Be fashionable, use the expertise of our stylists and you will always be on top.