We have some big news over here! I’ve brought on a partner to acquire the Oh Happy Day Party Shop and the Oh Happy Day line of Party Supplies. I’ve known Natalie and Jake Bowman for over eight years and they are the perfect people to pass this baton to. They’ve moved the warehouse from our office to the thriving (and adorable) city of Tacoma, Washington where they will continue to run the Oh Happy Day Party Shop and develop new and exciting party products with the Oh Happy Day wholesale party line. I’ll still be involved on the sidelines and am still a partial owner but they will infuse it with new energy to take it to the next level (it’s been not running at its full capacity the last 2.5 years with Color Factory commandeering a lot of my time). I will still continue to own and run the Oh Happy Day brand, the website and the social media accounts. (We’re currently planning a new website and content with a new Editor to launch soon!) Separately I will also continue on as the Chief Creative Officer at Color Factory which is growing like crazy. By transitioning these parts of Oh Happy Day I’ll be able to clear my plate for a “part-time sabbatical” this year as well as eventually I’ll be freed up to do new projects.



What does the Future Hold?

  • Oh Happy Day will continue on as a Media Company and Brand that will slightly adjust its mission. It will still have an entertaining bent but we’ve been working really hard to make a plan to redesign, restructure and refresh for the way the internet is going. I don’t want to share too much, but I hired a new Editor who has an incredible eye and I’m very excited.
  • The Party Shop and Party Products will continue to run under the direction of Natalie and Jake and we’re in the middle of lots of plans of new things to launch soon.
  • Color Factory still takes up most of my time but last Fall we brought on a new CEO and partners to run the logistical side and now I’m acting as the CCO. It’s been amazing to be solely focused on the creative aspects. It’s changed everything for me and I’m really excited about our next projects.
  • On a personal note, I am taking a bit of a break this year to spend time with my family, to travel and recharge. I’ll still be working about 20 hours a week on CF + Party Shop + OHD but I’m going to work on a lot of personal goals: I want to go back to school, spend lots of time with my husband and children, read lots of books, learn to sail, and see if my body remembers how to exercise–ha! I’m trying to focus on things that I always wanted to do but couldn’t/didn’t prioritize because of work.
A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads Oh Happy Day, has liked a photo, shared a DIY, or bought our party products. I care a lot about you and think about the trust and support you’ve given me with every business decision I make. I’m so grateful. I don’t want to waste your time, give you anything subpar, or lose your trust. When you’re a small company that support means everything. I feel deep gratitude and think about this every day and I hope you can tell. Here’s to the future and making more happy things! Thank you for your support!