It is considered that office fashion is boring: muted shades, simply cut the standard model. And there is no place for runway trends. We want to dispel this myth and offer five trends of the new season, which will help keeping the dress code to look fashionable.


Офисная мода: собираем гардероб для работы

The combination of silk and chiffon velvet was lighter and airy, so now the clothes made of this material do not look so heavy and cumbersome. It can be worn not only at night but during the day in the office – whether it is dress, or a suit or a jacket.

As for color, the designers have given preference to deep shades of Burgundy, Navy blue, emerald and orange.


Офисная мода: собираем гардероб для работы

Scarlet or Bordeaux, totallook or as a bright accent – the color red and all its shades help to create spectacular images.

Give preference to natural fabrics — silk, cotton or wool, to avoid the glare that give synthetic materials.

Sparkly boots

Офисная мода: собираем гардероб для работы

Items with sequins, stones and beads came into fashion five years ago. Then the heel or toe of the «gold» or «silver» demonstrated brands Miu Miu and Jimmy Choo. This season designers recommend to pay attention to shoes completely made of glitter. For office best with these boots to wear a skirt MIDI.

Floral motifs

Офисная мода: собираем гардероб для работы

Floral print is clearly contrary to the office dress code. But no one bothers to put on top of the usual suit or dress is coat or trench. Moreover, floral motifs – is not only bright colors but also geometric prints only vaguely resemble the leaves or buds.

Fishnet tights

Офисная мода: собираем гардероб для работы

At first glance it’s completely incompatible with the office dress code. But with well-chosen mix of things you manage to create an interesting image. Wear fishnet tights under cropped trousers and heels. Alternatively, consider colorless couples to consider them can only the most attentive.


Agoda WW

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