Desks are such difficult furniture pieces and there are so many things to take into consideration when getting a new desk. For instance, what will it be used for? How big do you want it to be? What style do you prefer? How much storage do you need and where will you put the desk? The list is almost endless and every detail is important. Office desks can be quite different than the small wall-mounted desk you might get for your small apartment or from your gaming computer desk. Whatever your requirements are, one of the designs below might be exactly what you were looking for.

The Micol desk by G. Azzarello is actually a multifunctional furniture piece, initially meant as a dressing table. Its body is simple, elegant and symmetrical, featuring two drawers with curved fronts on either side and a fifth one at the center. The desk’s frame is made of canaletta walnut complemented by brushed bronzed brass legs with a tapered form and a leather insert on the top.

Filou is the modern desk you should look for if you have a small home or if you simply enjoy the flexibility and versatility or your interior decor. This is a writing desk designed by Elise Fouin. It’s small, you can mount it on a wall and you can use it as a workstation but also as a storage and charging station for your devices. The desk’s surface is big enough to hold a laptop and has carved out holes for all the cables. A cool thing about it is that you can place at any desired height and you can use it either seated or standing.

Another great home or office desk for small spaces is the Compass designed by Studio Thomas Merlin. This is a desk that needs to lean against a wall so you won’t be able to place it in the middle of the room. The design, however, it meant to be space-efficient and practical. It features simple lines and a functional structure with two removable flaps that reveal a storage compartment for things like paper, tablets, phones and other things. It also comes with a magnetic surface and a USB port.

Elegant and simple, the Menton desk’s key feature is the leather top designed to serve as a writing surface. Several different types of bespoke leather options are available. Apart from this elegant top, the desk also has two storage drawers for pencils, writing instruments, paper and other things. Also, it features a built-in cable management system which means that you can also make the most of it as a computer or laptop desk.

If you want a desk that’s both simple and glamorous, the Moorea designed by Didier Versavel might be it. We really enjoy the simplicity of the overall design and how clean and sleek the desk looks. It has a solid top with smooth edges, supported by two X-shaped leg structures which extend upwards to form a slender shelf with gold metal accents.

The right combination of materials and the right colors and finishes can make all the difference when it comes to furniture. For example, have a look at the Morello desk and how beautiful and sophisticated it looks even though, structurally, it’s a pretty simple furniture piece. The top is made of wood veneer with a satin finish, complemented by a lacquered wood tray. The frame is made of iron.

The Bali desk also features a combination of wood and metal with a variety of different finish options. The top of the desk is available in leather, veneer, lacquer or even a combination of two finishes while the legs are made of solid wood with an optional lacquered finish. The desk’s simple and elegant design is completed by a series of accent details in iron, stainless steel, black nickel or brass.

The Venere piece is actually better suited as a vanity than a desk, although both functions are viable options. If you decide to use it as a desk, you probably won’t need the rotating mirror. The desk is made of wood and its top is covered with painted glass. The drawers have a lacquered finish and the frame that supports the actual desk is made of burnished metal. This can be the perfect piece of furniture for you if you only occasionally need a desk. The rest of the time, this can be your vanity table.

Right now the major design direction is towards simplicity and concealed storage but that doesn’t always meet a user’s needs when it comes to desks. That’s why, if you’re the type that likes to have lots of storage and a place for everything, you might prefer the Wellington desk. It favors functionality instead of minimalism, offering 12 drawers in total. Its top is covered in leather.

Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice looks or function when you can have both. The Paperweight desk can be just what you need in this case. It’s a desk designed by Roberto Lazzaroni, with a solid American walnut and veneered poplar hickory construction, a leather writing surface and six drawers for storage as well as two side doors.

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