This beautiful home in Sweden combines a kitchen with a home office in a very lovely way, separated with a black metal glass partition. Instead of making two entirely separate rooms out of this big kitchen, the owners chose to only built the wall half way and have the other half made out of glass just like the entry door, so you can still look through it, which makes both spaces look bigger.

The kitchen has been custom-built and the cabinets have this elegant shade of white with contrasting black round handles. The upper cabinets and fridge are built around the window and the L-shaped layout works perfectly in this room. The round dining table works well in the middle of the space and the open shelving above the table turns this section of the kitchen into a separate dining area of some sorts.

While the kitchen has a very light color palette, this changes when you walk into the home office which has dark grey walls and dark furniture. By the window you can see a custom-built desk combined with an open book shelf, which is built around the window. I think it must be such a lovely spot to sit and get some work done, while being able to look outside the window. While the desk doesn’t take up much space in front of the window, the rest of the room is used for a lounge chair and a little table. I think it makes so much sense to have a lounge area in your office so you can switch places to work, which is what I personally do as well when I feel like I’m getting less productive during the day.

via Entrance Makleri

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