Ocean Drive Apartment is a modern home located in Miami Beach, Florida, designed by mwworks.


The big idea was to create a quiet, atmospheric environment that is rich in tone and material…a space that allows the family the opportunity to focus on being together and away from external distractions. This design unifies two flats on the sixth floor of a residential tower in South Beach for a family with Miami roots. With floor-to-ceiling glazing on the full east and west elevations, the apartment opens to long views up and down the sand and out to Ocean Drive Park below. A bright open plan in a simple palette of light plaster and stone are informed by the tropical light and climate. Carefully detailed Black Limba floors, ceilings and casework add a layer or richness and warmth. With room for a family of six, this home is modern in its execution yet still embraces the carefree style of Miami Beach.

Photography by Kevin Scott

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