Designed in 2013 by Knock Architecture and Design, this beautiful single family house is situated in Oakland, California.

Description by Knock Architecture and Design

This brand new, 2 story home in the eclectic Trestle Glen neighborhood of Oakland, California takes it departure from the dramatic, but historied lot, on Santa Ray Avenue. Once destined for a 3-story McMansion of the faux-Medeterianian persuasion, the challenging steep down-sloped lot was sold in 2008 and come upon by Katherine and John in 2014, who were upsizing from their Oakland loft to make roof for their growing family. Unsure of where to start, they turned to friends who recommended Knock Architecture and Design. The developed design was rooted in the context, inspired by midcentury modern details, and established major goals of having an open, flowing living space, keeping the project low on the site and compact as possible, and minimizing the site work and number of expensive pier and grade beam footings by using simple volumes and footprints. The resulting home has the bedroom levels on grade with the entry, and an open plan below that expands to a deck and a compact yard that sits above a vegetable garden. The overall spirit is Midcentury, but with some modern twists including the dramatic marble countertop, black glass cabinets, neolith basalt countertops, and dark bronze windows.

Photography courtesy of Knock Architecture and Design

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