Fun furniture and some of the coolest home accessories were among the great things Homedit found at NYNOW 2017. Small makers from around the world brought their latest designs and large companies showed their new lines and products for your home.

We made a beeline for Jonathan Adler because it has modern luxe furniture and some great tongue-in-cheek accessories to spice up home decor.

It was a crowded floor throughout the show.

New wall art is among the latest releases from Jonathan Adler and this living room features a delightful work with metallic eyes. It’s a perfect pairing for the plush sofa and geometric pattern of the textiles. The classic shape of the lamps is made modern through the use of thin acrylic instead of the typical stone.

Alder mixes luxe and quirky with great success.

The cloud-back love seat is gorgeous and would be fantastic in a bedroom as well as a living room. The small needlepoint pillows feature medications in a play on the 1970’s “drugs as accessories” theme. Many of Adler’s pillows are made from needlepoint and we’re delighted to see this handcraft be rescued from grandma’s sofa and brought into the modern realm.

The cloud-like shape of the sofa is fantastic.

Australia’s Carrol Boyes designs fantastic home accessories using the human form as her inspiration and her bar cart is a spectacular piece. While we think a trolley is a versatile piece for any part of the home, Boyes’ version elevates it to  fine art.

The cart is made from aluminum and stainless steel.

With the massive popularity of the Hygge concept, Bloomingville was on our must-see list.  Established by Creative Director Betina Stampe in 2000, Bloomingville focuses on Nordic style and living, with new lines and palettes that fit right in with today’s new home decor trends. The soft colors of the muted green and dusty pink, paired with rose gold metals and palm prints in this collection are a sophisticated yet still casual take on the “jungalow” trend.

This is just one of the new color palettes from Blooomingville.

Zenza’s exotic perforated lighting is always a favorite and now the company has added the low tables, ottoman and convertible seat to their offerings. The stunning lights are made from silver-plated copper and the perforated patterns not only emit beautiful light, but also cast an artful pattern on walls and ceilings.

The company produces the fixtures in its own factory in Egypt.

Chandeliers and wall accessories are a featured part of the Two’s Company Voila Collection. The company says that this collection beings room to life in its quiet and refined way, but we’d say that these pieces are show stoppers! The bright pinks and warm golden metals are luxe without being stuffy.

The Voila collection is luxe and fun.

One of the neatest innovations Homedit found is washable paper that is used to make all sorts of accessories and small furnishings. Two companies displayed this novel material. The first is Uashmama, an Australian company that uses virgin fibers acquired through cultivation not deforestation. In a production process similar to leather tanning, the paper is stretched and tanned, after which it can be washed and reused repeatedly. The concept springs from bread bags at the dining table in Italy and Uashmama still makes them by hand in a Tuscan village.

These washable paper bags become useful decor pieces.
They make great washable light fixtures as well.

The second is essent’ial, an Italian company that makes its paper from industrial waste, turning shapeless paper, into tough, washable, and attractive products. Their bags can also be used as decor and bowls, but they also have a line of ottomans, chair covers and a seat. The covers zip off of the ottomans for washing, however the chair can be spot cleaned. The company says it works with a profound respect for the environment, the countryside and culture.

A design contest yielded these fun versions.
Washable covers mean easy-care furniture.

Billed “Engineering as Art,” these bowls by Baltic by Design  are indeed marvels. Each one consists of laser cut concentric pieces from a single sheet of birch plywood. The rings are then turns and glued atop one another to created these spectacular spiraled works. The pieces were very popular among buyers at the show.

The wood used is Baltic birch plywood.

Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s lucite pieces are always a draw and we look forward to seeing the new releases for each year. While her newest piece is a glamorous blue ice bucket with removable lid, we were still drawn to her neon nesting trays. The illusion that they seem to be lit from inside is so amazing, it’s hard to believe it’s all a mater of angles.

Acrylic just glows without any artificial light source.

At the luxe end of the spectrum is this Amare tray and serving set from ANNA by RabLabs. Founded by designer Anna Rabinowitz who launched her first home collection for RabLabs in 2002, the company creates objects inspired by nature. The materials she uses are luxurious and make everyday items special. This set, which comes in stainless steel, rose gold and gold, features alabaster tops made by Italian artisans with stone from the last existing alabaster quarry in Tuscany. The Kiva platter underneath is a favorite because it can be used anywhere in the home. It is made by master craftsmen in Brazil who hand polish the stones and finish the natural edges with precious metals.

All the gemstone pieces are luxurious and have a grand feel.

Vacavaliente is an Argentine company that produces innovative 100% recycled leather home products — colorful, modern and functional. The wine holder is perfect because it is portable, stylish and allows you to read the labels of the wine without pulling the bottles out of the holder.  The single tote is nice too.

Stylish and utilitarian accessories are all made from leather.

A sparkly buffet studded with gemstone slices is truly a statement piece from Ercole Home. Ornella Pisano formed the company in 1986 to create mosaic furniture and décor. Ercole began making the world’s first organic collection of mosaic art furniture and accessories and now focuses on a full range from ornamental pieces to bedroom sets and dining room pieces. Ercole is also known for its hand-painted mirrored finishes, which are created in Italy.

The gemstone trend in a very special buffet.

What started in 2000 as a line of modern and virtually indestructible placemats and floor mats has grown into a design empire that has changed tables and floors around the world. The Made in the USA Chilewich products are crafted using woven extruded vinyl yarns. Chilewich’s wall-to-wall flooring and floor mats use these same woven textiles that are attached to to a soft polyurethane cushion. The material is also used on seating cubes. What distinguishes Chilewich is that the materials are unbelievable sturdy, easy to clean, water resistant and come in a wide range of designs, from casual, everyday patterns to glitzy pieces worthy of your holiday table.

Chilewich ottomans are made with their sturdy fibers.
These are the ultimate in stylish, easy care floor mats.

We practically ran to Miho Unexpected Things, lured in by the bright colors and whimsical designs. It was like stepping into a fantastical forest of animal accessories. The coolest thing about the line is that it is all made from natural and environmentally friendly materials including medium density fibreboard and paper, colored with non-toxic inks. While all are designed in Italy, a few of the items are produced in Germany as well.

This display left us speechless.
A whimsical take on deer heads and birdhouses.
The fish seem to float against the wall.

No, these are not plastic bottles from the trash but they do commemorate the trash found in Rotterdam’s canals in The Netherlands. The porcelain Bottle Vases shown by Middle Kingdom Porcelain are designed by Foekje Fleur van Duin in 9 shapes and 11 colors of natural colored porcelain. They are meant to open a philosophical debate about what meaning we can ascribe to objects that were meant to have none.

Social commentary and beautiful accessories all in one.

Made Goods, which specializes in home pieces for boutiques and designers, has added a line of floor lamps to their offerings. All are tall and stately, and the model in the left is the Alumet, which features a hair-on hide base. On the right, the Kingston is covered in a faux shagreen with brass accents and in the center is the Fabre floor lamp that is woven jute encased in resin.

New floor lamps come in fun materials.

All things Moroccan were popular at NYNOW and these tables with hammered trays from Moroccan Prestige are particularly nice. Whether you put them alongside traditional Moroccan poufs or your own modern furniture, they are great occasional tables. Or, group them to substitute for a coffee table. Either way, they lend an air of the exotic to your home decor.

Popular exotics included these traditional Moroccan tables.

Outpost Original’s display always has so many lust-worthy pieces and this Tibetan lamb rocking chair is our object of desire. Founded by Charlotte du Toit in 1997, it featured products manufactured in South Africa. It has since evolved into a Montreal-based manufacturing studio, with most all the pieces made in-house. Outpost also work closely with Monkey Biz, a South African collective of beaders who work from home so that they can care for their children at the same time. The company was founded in 1999 by South African artists and art collectors Barbara Jackson and Shirley Fintz.

Furry and fun, the rocking chair is an original design.
Monkey Biz makes these one-of-a-kind beaded figures.

We’ve seen 3D textiles before, both in the iconic handbag from Issey Miyake and those made from wood by other designers, but this version from mikabarr is very different. At a distance, it looks rigid and unyielding but is soft and pliable to the touch. The textile and print design studio is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the unique products are created. Her textiles are fashioned into cushions and even lamps.

The fabric looks dimensional and rigid, but feels very soft to the touch.
The textiles have many see, including lampshades.

As fans of the fur furniture trend, we like this this yeti-like chair from Mr. Brown of London. It just calls you to settle in and cozy up. A great addition to any living room, it would be even better in a bedroom. We imagine it would feel like a big bear hug at the end of a long day.

This furry chair is so inviting!

In this highly digitized world, old-fashioned clocks have a growing appeal as a design element. There’s no better antidote to the modern than the clocks produced by Pedulux. The company, founded in 2014, produces pieces that are masculine and “borne of industrial, nautical and steampunk influence, yet they simultaneously reflect our quirky admiration for the products and styles of ages past.”  From wall models to whimsical pieces like this submarine clock, they are art as much as they are functional timepieces.

Time pieces as art and home decor are trending.

Back to the modern end of the spectrum, these futuristic table lamps from Parkerworks are hand molded from concrete. The swiveling bowl-shaped shades of the Mini-Buddy Desk Lamp sit atop a modernist three-legged brass base. The company is a “multidisciplinary studio exploring moments of discovery, balance, and attachment through the creation of finely crafted forms, usually out of wood, brass, and concrete.”

Modern and useful, these lamps would work throughout the home.

From the heart of Rome come these amazing woven baskets from Neo, which are created from neoprene. What started as jewelry that gained a big following, has grown into home decor items such as these baskets. Neoprene is a synthetic material that is durable yet sensual and soft. Neo combines knitting, crocheting and loom work to transform neoprene threads into their colorful products. The nature of the material also allows the creation of different thicknesses, which when used in the same piece adds extra dimension and interest.

Soft and textural, these baskets are gorgeous.

Polart is known for its boldly colored versions of victorian furniture styles, but now they have added this awesome skull chair in glimmering gold and a basic black. Although it’s a different type of piece, the vibe pairs well with any of their other collections.

This is a new style of piece for Polart.

It’s a classic that never goes out of style – Sori Yanagi’s 1954 Butterfly Stool. We’re happy to see this vintage piece alongside the newest styles the design world has to offer. While Vitra has the license to produce and distribute this classic, originals in Japan are a little bit different. The underside of each piece is engraved with a number and both sides match, indicating that the wood is booked, meaning that the grain matches up and is the same on both halves.

A design classic like this one ever goes out of style.
The Japanese production of this chair is perfectly matched and is numbered.

Of course, no home is complete without technology and Sony had some of their new innovative gadgets on display, such as this wireless projection television. Imagine not needing to buy any sort of screen and being able to watch you favorite show anywhere. In fact you can move it around the house at will. Sony also makes a tiny wall project model as well. Tired of TV?  You can project photos or artwork onto the wall during your next party.

New home tech takes your TV anywhere in the house.

Rustic rounds of light from Roost are sophisticated enough for just about any decor style, especially if you want to inject a touch of edginess into your decor. In fact, much of Roost’s offerings have great versatility for today’s decor sensibilities, especially when mixing and matching.

Roost offers pieces that add sophisticated edginess.

As with most shows we have hard time culling our favorites into a short list. Keep an eye on Homedit and we’ll be showing you more of the exciting design products we found at NYNOW 2017 this winter.

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