If you have little kids you know how useful it can be to have some sort of organization system for most of the areas of kiddo life. Pajamas go here, medical supplies are kept here, all the diaper stuff is together over there … it just helps you find things faster when you need them, which is always a bonus. One thing that can also be a good idea is to have closet organization tabs so you can hang things according to size in Baby’s closet. And we teamed up with our friends at Canon USA and made a free printable download for you so you can do it right at home! I think most people have a variety of sized baby things even while Baby is still tiny, so it can help to group items together so you will always know what will actually fit when it’s time for a change of clothes … it’s really helpful!

-thick card stock paper
closet divider printables
Canon PIXMA TS8120

Start by printing all your dividers onto thick card stock paper. I love being able to print projects like this off at home to save time and money. The Canon PIXMA TS8120 does a great job with colors on a variety of paper types which makes it super versatile for whatever project I’m working on!

Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out each month divider. I used an X-Acto for the straight lines and then scissors for the circle part (this is a great kit to have for any crafter).Once you have all your month dividers cut out, it’s time to organize! The great thing about having so many age range options out at one time is that you won’t forget that you found that super cute summer romper during the winter since it will be waiting for you when you get to that size! I was always worried I would forget to use an outfit before she outgrew it in the beginning when all her items were just thrown together in one drawer, so this helps take care of that problem too. I would definitely suggest paying close attention to the actual size of each item as well as the stated age range on the tags when organizing your groups. You find out pretty quickly with kids clothes that a 6-9 month size in one brand is giant or tiny compared to another brand, so I would find the most items in each category label that are about the same size and use that for your guide for the month range. Anything much bigger, move up, and anything way smaller, move down to the next category. Of course, this is your personal guide so you can move items where you want as Baby grows faster or slower than you might have thought. I found that her coats could be worn much sooner than the stated age range because I like an oversized fit on furry coats, so that’s one example where the label doesn’t fit the category I put them in. Whether you are nesting for a new baby on the way or wanting to organize an existing nursery, hope these are helpful to ultimately make your life a bit easier! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Graphic Design by Mara Dockery. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.



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