This is Tru Form Tiny’s 28ft Urban with 3 ft Nook Bumpout, Payette Floorplan, and Double Triangle Dormers. To achieve as open a layout as possible, open concept stairs were customized out of steel and hickory. There are 3 skylights to bring in tons of natural light. An elevator bed was installed to give efficient use of the aft space. This elevator bed allows for 4 uses of this space: 1) Downstairs Bedroom, 2) Office – headboard doubles as a desk, 3) Living room, 4) spare bedroom when a pull out couch or futon is used under the bed. The elevator bed can be used at any height. The designer’s daughter bombed some of the photos.

The Bathroom was customized so the toilet is doored off from the rest of the bathroom. A stunning stainless steel shower sits next to a custom storage space that is sized to hold a washer/drier combo unit. The wall sink is comfortable and attractive.

The Kitchen is optimized by extending the counter space under the stairs. A huge closet, full height pullouts, and lots of cabinetry give more than enough storage. A large apron sink gives a beautiful space to wash and source water. The full size refrigerator and Dickenson stove make this kitchen comfortably sized for cooking.

A nook extends the trailer and offers more storage space with deep, large drawers. White walls open the space even more. The cedar ceiling can’t be done justice with photos – it is truly stunning and the craftsmanship, and care for every stick of cedar make this ceiling a work of art. The Main loft is huge. It would serve 2 twin beds, or a king bed, comfortably.

Tru Form Tiny guides you through curated finishes, architectural choices, and an experience that offers clients solutions they didn’t know existed. Going tiny in a Tru Form Tiny makes the adventure of this choice a joyful one. With fast lead times, superior professionalism, and world class craftsmanship, Tru Form is a sure choice for Tiny buyers.

Elevator bed in up position leaves an open living area and office.
Elevator bed in down position.
Paneling and Tight Knot Cedar siding.  Galvalume Roofing and removable awning.
Tons of storage for a Tiny House.
Composting, urine diverting toilet.


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