You don’t have one of those fancy yarn bowls you see around?

Well, honestly you don’t need to throw money on one when you can use items you have at home. 

Before I made my yarn holding bag, I had made myself a clay bowl that served more to store small jewelry inside than a yarn bowl, and these two below replaced it on numerous occasions.


For the first one you need a (soup) bowl and a bulldog clip. Attach it on your bowl and pull yarn through the handles. Big cups, as you can see in the second photo, also serve the purpose. 

Here in this picture above, I have small plastic crates that I use to store small yarn cakes and they also come handy, especially if I work on projects where I have to double the yarn so that handle gap enables me to have two/three skeins inside and hold my yarn. 

The fancy tea-light holder has tiny holes and I use it when I work with crochet thread.

Instead of these you can also put to use wire baskets, cut-in-half plastic bottles with a drilled hole, or one of those drinking jars that have a holed cap. 

Can you fill up the list with something else?