Closet is one of important thing in your home and life. When you have to rush to a meeting or social gathering, time is never your friend.  Punctual people are always able to find an item in their closet with relative ease.  This lets them get ready faster and without a lot of frustration.

Organizing a closet might be a little bit complicated for some people, especially if they have not much time to clean the closet everyday. But, if you are a messy-closet person, how actually eliminate the messy closet days and organize it well? Don’t worry because we’ve already collected some useful tips for you on how to organize a closet like a pro. Enjoy!

1. Organize by the category

Group things together based on their category: tops, pants, skirts, and dresses should have a section of the close for each. And then, you can simply make color code. Some people keep some specific pieces together: tank tops, short sleeves, cardigans, etc. That is all okay, whatever makes finding and putting it back easiest for you.

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2. Group things in how you wear them

If you have specific clothes for work versus casual, keep them separate. For most, that just means one side of the closet versus the other. Do the same with formal wear. If not worn often, clean and keep in a hanging garment bag in the back of the closet.

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3. Different clothes, different hanger

Different clothes need different hangers. Coats and jackets are best on wood hangers. You might like the individual pant/skirt hangers with the center hook so you can hang them off each other to make use of vertical space.

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4. Clothes should facing you

A popular organizing rule is all clothes should be facing the same way. I say your clothes should be facing you. If you’re standing near the center of your closet, clothes on the left should be facing right, and vice versa. I hate it when clothes have their back to you!

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5. Think outside the closet

If your existing closet is too small or hard to access (like typical reach-in closets), think of getting a standing wardrobe for greater visibility and accessibility. You’re in there at least once a day, so make it as pleasant as possible.

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6. Stay true in your style

Having a defined style makes it that much easier to buy pieces that work as part of a “wardrobe” rather than just filling your closet with “clothes.” Don’t worry about how long it’s been since you’ve worn something; it’s more important to ask why you haven’t worn it. If it can’t be styled or altered to suit your current style and lifestyle, it’s time to go.

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