Sculptural wall sconces sit at the intersection of art and design. We shed light on nine of our favourites.

The wall sconce has the subtle power to transform any space in the home – be it in the hallway, beside the bed, or in the living room. Originating from the Middle Ages, where a fixture held candles or torches, the wall sconce began to make a statement through the Art Deco period and the mid-century modern movement. In this feature, we’ve sought out nine unique, contemporary wall sconces that explore an artistic approach to materials, shape and most importantly, light.

est living apparatus talisman loop sconce 02

The intricate Apparatus Studio Talisman Loop Sconce, designed by Gabriel Hendifar in 2018, was inspired by the fine details found on statues at the ancient Iranian city of Persepolis. The wall light features Agate, Jasper or Jade beads on a leather-bound brass structure.

est living anna charlseworth double cup wall light 01

The textural Double Cup Wall Light by Anna Charlesworth emits light from above and below its sculptural structure.

est living living edge tom dixon melt mini surface 01 750x540

A space can resemble a moonlit sky when it features the Melt Mini Surface Lamp by cutting edge designer Tom Dixon. This unique wall sconce is a distorted glass globe, which gives a molten glass effect.

est living allied maker alabaster wall sconce

The Allied Maker Alabaster Wall Sconce is a disc-like structure supported by a brass rod. The face of the light is made from Alabaster, a soft mineral that affords a stone-like effect.

est living lyfa gothic wall 2 01

Bent Karlby designed the LYFA Gothic Wall 2 Light in 1970, one of Denmark’s most prolific lighting designers. Made from solid brass, this sconce’s geometric shape generates a soft light pattern.

est living interview studio griffiths 12 750x1000

The Float Hover Wall Sconce by Articolo Lighting in the Ballarat Residence by Studio Griffiths | Photography by Sharyn Cairns

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