Nil Dos House is a lovely industrial home located in Gràcia, Spain, designed by Valentí Albareda Studio.


Ground floor located in the center of the neighborhood of Gràcia for a warehouse of a small construction company. This was it the origin of a space that we had to turn into housing. The main difficulties are compartmentalization interior and the existence of small attics and stairs, but especially the lack of light. The existence of a fully covered courtyard in the end of the premises enhanced the possibilities of the project.

Our main objective was to create a home where light was the main element and the backyard was incorporated into the its interior, giving it a small oasis of vegetation in the heart of the city.

We looked for a very specific functional program taking advantage of the great heights we had. Pine wood attics become furniture and the original materials of the estate are left uncovered to give them the prominence of the project. Prominence they share with the light and the large windows that accompany it. the design of the iron swivel door had to be the most unique element of the house and we really got it, impressing its dimensions and how it opens, giving way to the plant oasis. In addition, the incorporation of the white color enhances all these elements creating a balance and looking for a harmony between the different materials, conducting light from one end of the dwelling to the other.

All furniture was custom designed especially for the home. The maximum detail was sought in each element we designed so that the design of the heating radiators had the same design as the access staircase to the attic and the structures of the bedside tables.

Photography courtesy of Valentí Albareda Studio

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