Nikkei Peruvian Food – All you can Eat Sushi Buffet in Lima, Peru

Nikkei Peruvian Food - All you can Eat Sushi Buffet in Lima, Peru

Come join us in Lima, Peru for Nikkei Peruvian Food as we head over to Oceanika restaurant to induldge in an all you can eat sushi buffet where we sample over 150 maki rolls and other food items. With a large gang of family and friends we head over to Georgie and Luciana’s favorite restaurant in Lima. The atmosphere inside is conducive to conversation with a big open space. You can see the sushi chefs preparing the rolls and sometimes using blowtorches to add a finishing touch. Overall we ordered 150+ maki rolls along with other food items and drinks for a grand total of 270 Soles which was $90 USD total or $15 USD per person. This is what we had during the meal:

1) Chicha Morada (Purple corn Peruvian drink)
2) Yakitori (Skewered chicken with a sweet glaze and sesame seeds)
3) Yakimeshi fried rice (mixed fried rice)
4) Salmon, cream cheese, avocado and shimp maki rolls
5) Fried salmon maki rolls (Seijimaki or Seiji Maki)
6) Bacon maki rolls
7) Acevichado maki rolls (Peruvian Ceviche inspired sushi)
8) Lomo Saltado maki rolls (Peruvian stir fry inspired sushi)
9) Leche de Tigre maki rolls (Peruvian tiger’s milk)
10) Ebitem maki rolls
11) Flambeado sushi rolls
12) Ice cream and cake maki rolls (dessert sushi)
13) Churros maki rolls (another dessert maki)

Sushi Buffet Restaurant in Lima, Peru information:

Restaurante Oceanika
Address: Av. Paseo del Bosque 547, San Borja 15037, Peru
Monday to Sunday (12:30–11p.m.)
Phone: +51 1 7156820

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Nikkei Peruvian Food – All you can Eat Sushi Buffet in Lima, Peru Travel Video Transcript:

today we are taking you for Japanese fusion food here in Peru. AKA Nikkei food. I think it is a sushi buffet to be honest. A maki buffet. A sushi buffet. And this is your cousins and her boyfriends favorite place to go eat. We asked them where they wanted to go and they said here (Oceanika Restaurante Fusion & Sushi Bar) and so we’re just going to probably get a buffet and devour a tonne of food. And this is the gang.

Well the food has arrived. And we’re going to get an explanation from an expert.

This one is smoked salmon. Smoked salmon and inside we have avocado, cream cheese and shrimp. That looks awesome. This one is the same but inside is salmon. And it is fried. Fried okay. And the third one is grilled bacon. Grilled roll. And inside we have bacon. Bacon. Guys bacon for the win. Who likes bacon? That is not Japanese. That is the fusion coming in. That is the fusion. That is the Nikkei. Yes, that is Nikkei. That is the Nikkei. And the last one is Acevichado. That is the most local one right? Yeah, that is the local one. So how would you describe that one? It is like lemon with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise yeah. And we have salmon on the top with cucumber inside.

Okay you know what since we’re at a fusion restaurant there is a lot of Peruvian twists yep with this sushi so you need to try the one that has the Lomo Saltado. Where is that? Which is beef. It is not fish it has beef and like fried onions. Look at that on top of it. Yeah that is like one of the typical dishes of Peru. Lomo saltado. In sushi form. And it is crispy in the inside too. So good. Like this is just like next level maki. I’m loving this place. I can see why Luciana and Georgie think it is their favorite restaurant. And you also have the Acevichado which is the ceviche.

Round 2 has arrived. So what do we have this time. 60 more pieces. 60 more pieces and the new ones are Leche de Tigre and is there one more? Let’s turn to the expert once more. Expert. The new ones are the Leche de Tigre and Ebitem. And the Flambeado.

We ended up paying for 6 people. Yeah. 270 Soles. Which in US dollars would be 90 dollars. So you’re talking $15 USD dollars per person. Great value!

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

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