A table is usually placed in the center of living room furniture pieces. It can be surrounded by a sofa and some armchairs. The more comfortable a living room is, the better living room will be. There are many kinds of tables you can choose to be placed in a living room, such as wooden table and glass table. There is a mirror table that will reflect the light and its surrounding, it will definitely make your living room looks more spacious. A mirrored table is very suitable for a modern and stylish living room. Here are some nifty choices of mirror tables for living room that you can get as one of the main living room furniture pieces.

A Purple and Silver Living Room

This living room comes with purple chairs and an antique mirror coffee table. The silver accents on the mirror and chandelier can maintain the neutral scheme with accents of deep purple.

An Oval Mirror and Iron Table

This oval mirror table has iron frame and legs. It is placed on an Oushak rug along with a curved sofa and armchairs that have a soft neutral color palette.

Mirror Tables for Living Room with Drawers

A trendy living room is a room when you can mix some furniture pieces into one purpose. This trendy living room features mirror tables with drawers, a small patterned rug, a sofa, and chairs.

A Beige Room with Mirror Tables

This living room is nearly perfect. It is created with a mirror table, a small shag rug, a beige sectional sofa, a beige armchair, a round mirror side table, a black table lamp, and fireplace.

A Contemporary Living Room

Large mirrors are used to open up a small room. This living room is full of mirror on the wall and the long table. The glass windows and doors make this living room feel more spacious.

Lovely Mirror Tables for Living Room

A mirrored coffee table in a living room is a lovely anchor. This mirror coffee table is made in the right high for comfortable legroom in relation to the sofas and chairs.

Main Living Space

You can let mirror furniture work its magic in a neutral color room. The mirrored glass furniture and a glamorous wall mirror will help catch the light in this room and fill it with summery charm.

Wooden and Mirror Tables for Living Room

An elegant living room can be created with colorful furniture pieces. This living room has a purple sofa, a pink tufted daybed, brown armchair, a mirror table, a patterned rug, and red-green curtains.

Lighten A Piece with Mirrors

This glam mirrored coffee table reflects all the colors and texture in this living room. The reflective nature can keep the table from feeling too large in the living room.

Glass Italia Mirror Tables for Living Room

The mirrored glass table is definitely simple. A mirrored table is really good for a modern living room with a neutral color palette that has beige furniture and brown accent wall.