Most apartment renovations are cosmetic meaning that they focus on changing the ambiance and the décor without transforming the way the space is compartmentalized or how the areas function. But there are also cases where redistributing the space is the main goal, the focus being on functionality. This is usually the case with efficiency apartments where the lack of space is a problem.

Turin apartment renovation custom central space

Located in Turin, Italy, this apartment was renovated in 2015 and the project focused both on the distribution of the spaces and on the overall décor and ambiance. The apartment measures 70 square meters and its renovation was a project by BLA! Ufficio di Architettura, a Turin-based office founded in 2011 that takes on a variety of projects focusing on architecture, urban planning and landscape design.

Turin apartment renovation wood volumes on hallway

The renovation process redesigned the apartment in two different but complementary ways. On one hand, the team focused on methods that allowed them to transform the interior from an architectural standpoint. On the other hand, there was also an acoustic, thermal take on the renovation, the client being able to lend a hand given that he’s a professional in the domain.

Turin apartment renovation wooden cube volume

The apartment has a double exposure to both the East and the West and the team took advantage of this in a variety of ways. The abundance of natural light allowed them to use unconventional strategies when structuring the space. A multifunctional wooden volume acts as a separator between the entryway and the main volume.

Turin apartment multifunctional space

Turin apartment renovation kitchen and dining area

This box-like space serves as a bathroom and a dressing. A second multifunctional structure defines the social area. This is an open floor plan which contains the kitchen, living room and dining area. All three functions form a single social area while they each maintain their individuality.

Turin apartment renovation kitchen design

Turin apartment renovation white kitchen

A custom structure with a highly modular design offers seating and storage to the center of the room. This area serves as a cozy and casual dining space, with two benches, a square-top table in between them and a variety of storage modules carefully integrated into the whole structure.

Turin apartment renovation custom storage options

A variety of systems offers the apartment diverse storage and display spaces including horizontal compartments, open shelves, drawers and hidden spaces. The modularity of this system keeps the décor flexible, simple and airy as well as highly practical and functional.

Turin apartment renovation built-in storage diversity

The chromatic palette used for the décor ranges from neutrals such as white and beige to more specific tones such as shades of green, natural wood and subtle touches of pink, blue, orange and red in the form of accessories and decorations.

Turin apartment renovation seating area

Turin apartment renovation green armchairs

The wood floor boards add a warm touch to the space, creating a very pleasant and inviting ambiance and complementing the rather cold colors used throughout the space in order to establish a balanced décor.

Turin apartment renovation solid brick wall

Turin apartment renovation brick wall closeup

A solid brick wall painted white adds a rustic touch to the living area. In combination with the two robust armchairs that bring in a beautiful shade of forest green and the pleasant brown of the floor boards establish an earthy and, at the same time, fresh vibe.

Turin apartment renovation bedroom decor

The same simple but balanced and eclectic décor was also employed in the bedroom. The mirrors brightens up the room adding depth to the space and the platform bed keeps the design modern and minimalist.

Turin apartment renovation bathroom green mosaic

Turin apartment renovation bathroom shower mosaic

The bathroom is defined by shades of green combined with grays and whites. The glass mosaic featured in the shower is complemented by transparent glass partitions and white walls that allow this space to remain the focal point.

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