Winged roof

The dominant center of MC Architecture Studio’s Black Door House in Christchurch, New Zealand uses elements of modern art sculpture in its striking design.  Here, angled walls along the back have floor-to-ceiling glazing on each floor with a mix of different window pane sizes.  Above head, a winged roof hangs out providing shade and emphasizing the building’s unique form.

These irregular forms reflect the uneven curves of the hills, valley and shoreline visible from its numerous windows.

Back of the house

A tall black modern doorway provides a dramatic entrance to the property.  The deep black contrasts nicely with light exterior walls and vertical wood paneling that lines a curved wall and leads you to the door.

Energy efficiency factored heavily into this design.  The orientation of windows works to capture sunlight in the winter.  Polished concrete floors running along the main floor absorb heat and warm residents into the night.  Roof eaves work to block the summer sun, keeping the house cool during warmed months. [Photography by Mick Stephenson and information courtesy of Archipro]

Black Door




Glass walls

Roof cut outs

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