New Sources And Inspirations on Dering Hall

Dering Hall is constantly updating its site with additional brands and artisans, expanding our array of special items and custom designs–from standout furniture pieces that grab the eye to the subtle finishing details that enrich any room. Here are some of our newest members to inspire your imagination and make your latest design project even more special.

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Founded in 1983, Vaughan has become one of the world’s leading sources for decorative lighting, furniture, and accessories. Michael and Lucy Vaughan bring their artistic eye, discerning sense of style, and meticulous attention to every detail. Every product is designed in their in-house studio, and everying is made, assembled, or finished in Britain using the finest materials. The UK factory employs an outstanding team of engineers, craftspeople, and skilled workers, while also calling upon some of the best independent craft experts, from blacksmiths to makers of hand-blown crystal.

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At their studio in Langenthal, Switzerland, the designers of Création Baumann create a range of fabrics inspired by nature, architecture, and the latest fashion trends. The firm is known for its array of deep and vivid colors, as well as patterns with subtle nuance. 

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Founded by artist Stefan Rurak, this Brooklyn-based atelier merges modern conceptual design with time-honored craftsmanship. Working with a variety of materials including concrete, metal and wood, the studio specializes in bespoke furniture design, crafting unique and evocative statement pieces that transcend utilitarian ends and become art.

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Fabricut Inc. was established in 1954, and is renowned for its diverse selection of fabrics, trimmings, wallcoverings, decorative drapery hardware, finished drapery products. Fabricut’s family of brands includes Trend, Fabricut, Stroheim, S. Harris, and Vervain. Fabricut recently launched its first furniture collection, featuring more than 60 transitional pieces distinguished by their clean lines, subtle details, and superior quality.

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For nearly 100 years, Matouk has handcrafted luxury linens from the finest materials. The company’s factory in Fall River, Massachusetts, is home to a tight-knit family of artists, craftspeople, and professionals who strive to create the most beautiful and beloved bed, bath, and table linens in the world.

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George Smith LLC is the designer and manufacturer of upholstered furniture of exceptional quality in both design and craftsmanship. Each item is made in their workshop in the North of England, where a tried and tested blend of both traditional and modern methods are used by skilled craftspeople to make the ultimate in sustainable furniture. The integrity of their design and craftsmanship makes it possible for each piece to flourish in a variety of diverse design schemes.

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The word Alankaram means “art of decorating” and Alankaram is a New Delhi-based manufacturer of solid wood furniture, including stand-alone and built-in solid wood furniture. The furniture in made of both Indian (e.g. teakwood) as well as imported wood (e.g. walnut or white oak), and the use of treated and seasoned wood offers longer life than standard pieces. Often different woods and a variety of colors are incorporated within a single piece.