This is a hosted event by Seaworld. 

Just last week, we were enjoying the start of summer days at Seaworld. Seaworld invited us to check out what’s new at Seaworld and the kids and us had a blast. My daughter was just at Seaworld last month for her first grade school girl trip and rage last time I went to sea world was when my daughter was 3 years old. 

Seaworld’s new Orca Encounter was very informative, and very different from the previous show. The Orca Encounter is a live documentary-style presentation while the orcas perform tricks and take cues from trainers. It’s not as entertaining as the previous show and my kids were not as impressed, but I do love the facts and information on killer whales on the big high definition screen. 

We also had a quick behind the scenes tourwhere Seaworld rescues sea animals. Did you know that for more than 50 years, SeaWorld Parks has played a vital role in the rescue and rehabilitation of 30,000 injured and orphaned wild animals. My daughter was very insterested in how animals were rescued and we loved taking a peek in what it takes to rescue and rehabilitate a sea animal. It was a unique experience we all loved.

Dine with the Orcas was pretty exciting. Food was delicious and you may end up a little splashed from the amazing Orca swimming around you. Dine with the orcas next time you’re at Seaworld. 

The New Ocean Explorer was my daughters favorite part as it included several kid size rides. The ocean Explorer is a curated expedition of the seven seas that includes a new ride; Submarine Quest. The waiting line for the ride was an hour long and my girl loved it, but for us we weren’t not impressed. The ride is slow and it’s interactive with touch screens but not as fascinating and worth the one hr wait line. 

I have always love Sea World, for me it’s an amazing close up experience getting to know sea animals that many of us don’t have the liberty to see and learn of such majestic mamals. If it weren’t for Seaworld, I would never been insterested in sea life and feel the appreciation of Mother Nature. I have slight fear of the ocean waters, and I don’t even know how to swim but I do love the ocean life and grateful that my kids experience the sea life at Seaworld.

We had a great time at seaworld and will be definetly visiting again. 

What is your favorite part of Seaworld?

This is a sponsored hosted event by Seaworld.