NEW PATTERN - Bonbon Pets

Welcome to the world of Bonbon Pets! This is a fun new sewing pattern that I just released…so that you can make your own pets too! These are cute, handmade stuffed toys that are easy for all skill levels to sew. Cuddle them like pillows, play with them as toys, gift some to a friend. We predict that once you make one Bonbon, you’ll want to make them all.
Grab the pattern here on MADEEVERYDAY.COM:
Bonbon Pets

See more pics of Bonbon Pets on my blog:

And share your Bonbons online! #BONBONPETS

• Fabrics used on the pets are by me, Dana Willard:

Fabric Collections by Dana Willard

• Purchase BLUSH fabrics (the cat fabric) here:

• For stuffing and other supplies, see the Bonbon Headquarters Page:

Bonbon Pets HQ

• Watch the CACTUS PILLOW VIDEO here: