Happy Friday lovely people – an exciting post today as I’m back teaching jewellery making workshops at Tea and Crafting in Camden, London! I know jewellery making is a niche but its a brilliant one and one I’m 100% passionate about. After a few tricky years and many job changes jewellery making was the one thing that sparked my creativity again, its lead to so many wonderful opportunities and I promise isn’t that intimidating once you get going. 
I provide all the materials in both gold and silver options plus all the beads, charms and other wonderful bits and pieces I have in my collection. I bring a full selection of colours so even if my usual brights aren’t for you, there will definitely be something that is. 

The first class I’m teaching is Beautiful Bracelets on 13th September 19:00. I’ll be showing you how to make some of my favourite tutorials including this leather charm one and this tassel one plus a few more,  you’ll then be able to decide which bracelets you want to make. Its a really fun class and one I adore teaching, it’s a great introduction to jewellery making so make sure you come along and bring a friend or two (or three!).  
The second class I’m teaching is this Brooch Statement Necklace on 6th October 19:00 . Just before I went on maternity leave I taught this class and it was wonderful. You will need to bring your own selection of brooches (at least seven) and I bring the rest of the materials. It’s a perfect class for any treasure hunting magpie but also anyone else who loves a statement necklace and wants a simple introduction to jewellery making. 

I really hope to see some (or all) of you at one of my classes, they are great fun and full of creativity.

Have a great weekend and feel free to share this post as much as you like ;-). xx


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