If you are in the middle of a wardrobe turmoil (as many of us are) then hang on to the thought that your jeans are there for you. They will hug you and fit you to make the most of your lovely (but often self-criticized) body. A nice top, a nice pair of shoes and some pretty accessories (bag, earrings, etc.) and you are good to go. But in recent times, we have noticed that more and more women are moving away from the ubiquitous skinny jeans or jeggings and on to other denim styles. Why? Because the street styles are changing and they are starting to affect the designers’ muse resulting in some fun styles. We think when it comes to denim, the more styles and choices we have, the better it is for us. That is why we believe that while there is a time and place of cool and calm high waisted skinny jeans outfits, there is also scope for the more relaxed and looser boyfriend jeans avatar as well.

And yes, the top need not always be tight and fitting, and you can discover ultimate ways to wear a shirt with jeans to look amazing. And isn’t it fun to not to have to worry about skinny jeans all the time and go with different denim trends? Look at real women blue jeans outfits to try this year and you will be surprised at how many options there are.

In this article, we will take you through some of the denim styles to try in the coming months that have entered the market and taken it by storm:


Boyfriend jeans: This one has a straight leg cut, not such a tight fit and also cuffs that are rolled. It is cool and comfortable and you have many leading brands offering this style of jeans and that too of a good quality. You can style this with a masculine cashmere sweater or a simple t-shirt. For evening wear, ensure that the jacket and shoes are snazzy.


Deconstructed vintage jeans: Some brands have taken two different pair of jeans apart and then sewn them back together to create double pockets, hems that are uneven and other quirks. Just think of edgy mom style jeans and you will have an idea of what we are talking about. Since this jeans will be making a loud statement, all you need to do is pair it with a simple t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt.


Mom jeans: High waisted (ah the comfort) legs that are tapered, conveniently cropped at the ankle, and thicker denim which shouts out the eighties and nineties trend when this was all the rage, this one is a good way to wear denims. In keeping with the era that it used to belong to, pair this with a white shirt or polo neck but do tuck it in to show off the high waist of the jeans.


Cropped kick flare jeans: This one takes the thigh hugging feature, but has boot cut flare and is also cropped at above the ankle. Phew! How much punch can a pair of jeans pack? This one needs to be paired with a simple top and the ankle needs to have center stage with a nice shoe or high heeled boot to draw the eye there.


Customized jeans: You can have embroidery, studs, patches, monograms, distressed effect or any kind of touches you want added to this pair of jeans. Sounds like a groovy idea, doesn’t it? The styling of this one is fairly simple because people will spend all their time looking at the jeans so keep the shirt and shoes simple to ensure that it is perfect.

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