I have been on the hunt for some art for my dining room wall for a while now and wasn’t really sure what I wanted until the folks at Minted got in touch and offered me a framed limited edition fine art print. I was so excited to go through allllllllll the prints on their site. They have so many talented artists on board. I thought it would be an intimidating experience but I was immediately drawn into so many gorgeous prints and quickly realized their website is incredibly user-friendly. It’s so awesome I have to show you. 

This is the print I went with – take a seat by Eric Eikenbary. When you select the size and frame you want on the right side, the left side shows you the photo framed, in a room, the frame close-up and how the print looks to scale. Freaking genius!!!! I seriously love this, and it’s great for people who are dimension-challenged and order items online only to receive it and go “huh, I thought it was alot bigger than that”. Now you can see before you buy! Anyway, they have lots of options for the frame material and borders/matting and all that good stuff. I went with a simple matt black metal frame and no matt/border. I am thrilled with my selection. It is so much better than the vintage metal sculpture I had there instead. I was hoping for something more graphic and I love photographic art so kudos to Eric Eikenbary for knocking this photo out of the park. I also need to share this photo I took on my phone just as I was digging into the package. 

My framed print was soooo well packaged, especially given I ordered it in 30×40′ so I was a bit anxious to see how it was going to make the trip up from the States (California I think). It was completely unscathed, which is not surprising given their packaging methods. And the herd of cats lounged on the boxes for 2 days until I got tired of stepping over them. 🙂 Anyway, let me show you more of my new art!

I was so stoked about this new piece in my home I bought myself this gorgeous lily (?) plant for my dining table. 

I thought you might like to see what prints caught my eye and made this a really hard decision. 

Blogger friend Jamie Derringer’s Untitled 1b

Kate Ahn’s mother embrace

Misty Hughes’ burgeon

Clare’s Bywater

Qing Ji’s A White Peony

Elliot Stokes’ ebb and flow ink lines