You’ve just moved into your new home or apartment. Looking at everything that needs to be done, you might feel like you need an army on your side. You’ve got boxes to unpack, that tricky smart home security system to install, flat-screen TVs to mount and new furniture to assemble. Plus, you want your home sparkly clean — STAT. Thankfully, Amazon’s got you covered; its Amazon Home Services department will send someone over right away to check off the items on your honey do list.

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While you may not be familiar with the service, it’s been around since 2015. Amazon’s been building an impressive directory of experts and professionals across the country, ready to come complete the chores you assign them.

What can Amazon Home Service experts do for you?

amazon home services moving day

The Amazon Home Service experts offer a wide variety of services. Tech or smart-home related tasks like optimizing your Wi-Fi router or installing a smart thermostat are their widest range of service. But Amazon also has plumbers, electricians and manual labor-related pros. Some of the most requested tasks you can order up include:

  • TV wall mounting
  • Surround sound and home theater setup
  • Smart remote setup
  • Patio furniture assembly and general assembly
  • Yard work
  • Home improvement
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Move-in cleaning and general house cleaning
  • Handyman by the hour

How much does the handyman-by-the-hour cost?

Amazon makes it easy to get upfront quotes on home services before ordering. Enter your zip code, check off what you may need and you’ll get an instant price. For example, a handyman to work inside your home for two hours with a step ladder costs:

  • $210.99 in Downtown Chicago, IL
  • $196.69 in Austin, TX and Phoenix, AZ
  • $208.49 in Los Angeles, CA
  • $189.99 in Downtown Atlanta, GA

According to Amazon, the handyman can complete multiple services within the hours given. The list of services is extensive, but some of the most popular requests are hanging shelving, baby-proofing the home, wiring home theater components, repairing glass windows and repairing drywall. The page even estimates how many hours are needed for the different tasks.

How much does a move-out cleaning cost?

A move-out cleaning is pretty detailed, since everything needs to be cleaned — baseboards, cabinets, lighting fixtures, door jambs, blinds, window sills, tops of kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator interior, etc. According to the Amazon Home Services Move-Out Cleaning page, a move-out cleaning of a home or apartment up to 1,000 square feet in Downtown Atlanta costs $160.

Where do you find Amazon Home Services?

Amazon’s Home Services page lists every service available. You can also find an expert installation price quote on many of the product-for-sale pages.

wall mounting option

In this example, there’s an option box for “Get expert TV wall mounting” just below the TV size options. The option includes a wall mounting price for your zip code ($96.90 for Atlanta).

Why use Amazon Home Services?

The biggest reason to use Amazon Home Services is that Amazon makes it easy; you can order a move-in cleaning or a home improvement expert in a few clicks and pay for agreed service upfront at checkout.

Amazon screens its experts, inviting professionals who they claim “have a strong record of service quality.” You’re trusting a stranger to enter your home or office based on Amazon’s reputation, so the company performs a six-point criminal background check and verifies licensing and registration. You can also read reviews about the experts from other customers to help inform your decision.

And if something goes wrong, all Home Services are backed by the Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not 100 percent satisfied, Amazon will fix it or give you a full refund.

Have you used Amazon Home Services? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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