NB11 Apartment is a modern home located in Minsk, Belarus, designed in 2021 by ZROBIM Architects.


A mix of architecture, color, and non-standard materials in a new interior from ZROBIM architects.

The interior of apartment NB11 in the modern residential area «Novaya Borovaya» near Minsk is conceived as a continuation of the bright exterior of the house itself and the residential area as a whole. While working on the project, our task was to create not just a functional interior, which is always very important for architects but also to work on the mood and create a unique image – lively and photogenic.

The apartment is a mix of architectural layout, clean lines, verified composition, which are superimposed on a unique solution in terms of materials and color palette. Together, these techniques create the mood and achieve the desired balance between function and image.

Photography by Elizaveta Kulenenok

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