Nowadays it has become the norm for women to get together on a particular night of the week when they are younger and once a month when they are older to go out clubbing. What this means is that these women get together to celebrate their sisterhood by going out together without men folk accompanying them. Of course, we are not saying that women don’t go clubbing with men but let us tell you something – women look forward to nightclub dressing more when they are out with their girlfriends rather than when they go out with their male partners! And the reason for this is simple; they like the way their girlfriends notice everything and admire and envy them. The menfolk do look at the women with admiration if they have on an attractive dress but hardly notice all the details like other women would. That is why do not be surprised if you come across groups of women talking about cute, clingy and sizzling club dresses that click, from the point of view of what other women would think and not from the men’s point of view.

While we have gone on about how women tend to dress to impress other women while drawing the attention and admiration of men at the same time, this does not mean that they don’t move for the kill. They tend to go to all sorts of lengths like learning about rhinestones and how they add glitz and glamor to your wardrobe. The thing about nightclub dressing is that it has to be hot, which translates to figure hugging, attractive and glamorous. There is no way you can wear a plain dress and expect it to click. But having said that, you also have to consider the scope of your comfort zone versus the levels you can go to, to add glamor to your nightclub dressing. While we are on the subject of nightclub dressing, do check out the details of next to be famous outfits.

Okay we have talked a lot about the why and how of the nightclub dressing and it is time to look at the what of it. Here are some factors that will help you make nightclub dressing work for you:

Lose all inhibitions about your body: You may be intimidated by the way other women look effortlessly glamorous and have flawless bodies. While you may not have their level of perfection, you still have a great body and this is something that you should believe in to try on nightclub dresses (or for that matter anything).

Choose a length you can live with: Just because others wear short dresses does not mean you too have to go for such a length. Pick out something that you find comfortable enough to walk, sit, drink and dance in.

Focus on legs or cleavage or back: Nightclub dressing is about looking attractive but if you are just starting out to go to such occasions, we suggest that you do not go all out. But at the same time, you will need to have some curve on display and to do this, you will need to choose a dress that showcases your cleavage, your legs or your back.

Don’t blend; stand out with your attitude: Well, now that you are dressed to kill, step out, kick your heels and soak up the atmosphere. After all, visiting nightclubs is supposed to fun and relaxing. Why shrink into a corner when you have made all that effort to look your best.

Shoes and other accessories have to be killer: This point will especially apply to if you are stepping out with your girlfriends. Don’t you want their admiration and envy? You can be sure the girls are more likely to notice these things than the boys would.

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