When we talked about live-edge coffee tables we showed you how timeless they are and how they can surpass any trend just by looking natural. The same things can be said about live-edge dining tables so here we are with more inspiration and great designs and ideas for you to have a look at today. They’re all meant to capture the simplicity and naturalness of live-edge wood in a variety of dining room settings.

Put a live-edge table into your dining area and make it the center of attention by surrounding it with simple and neutral-colored elements, much like Tompkins Lloyd Interiors did here. Although the overall design is very simple, that doesn’t make it boring in any way. In fact, we did it to be balanced and perfectly harmonious.

The live-edge dining table is an element that brings warmth into this home which is defined by white walls and concrete floors. The decor is also a bit industrial with modern and classical hints and the table ties it all together in the most elegant manner. {found on planetedeco}.

In a different setting, a live-edge dining table can also look gorgeous when paired with wooden floors and an overall warm and cozy decor. In that case the table would emphasize the welcoming nature of the decor and bring out its elegance and rustic charm.

When they designed this home in LA, California,  La Kaza and Meridith Baer Home made sure to give it a clean and simple interior design without stripping it of its character. This harmony was ensured by a carefully-selected array of materials and finishes. The live-edge dining table and the leather chairs are two wonderful examples that support this strategy.

As we already know, each live-edge table (and each piece of wood for that matter) is unique and has a special patina and its own set of imperfections that make it stand out from all the others. Some designs highlight these elements while others try to minimize their visual impact.

Stone and wood and the two main materials used by Centric Design Group in this home from the Netherlands. A live-edge table sits under the glass roof, being framed by comfy benches and a cozy fireplace. The chandeliers that hangs directly above it adds a touch of grace and glamour to the mix.

The fact that live-edge wood doesn’t have clean and symmetrical forms but is rather organically-shaped, with curves and bumps, means that its use on dining tables is a bit tricky. After all, the surface needs to be more or less uniform in order to be practical. Still, subtle imperfections are not seen as defects but are actually embraced and maximized in cool ways.

There are many ways in which the unique aspect of a dining table with a live-edge top can be turned into a focal point for the space. Aidlin Darling Design gave this home that they designed in California a beautiful solid wood table and they complemented it with a large painting that brings out the color and texture of the wood.

The role of a live-edge table in a living or dining area is similar to that of wooden flooring. That being said, we like the way in which the table is paired here with tiled floors and a neutral color palette based on grays.

A rather different approach was used here by WA Design Inc. The dining table has a top made of two live-edge wood pieces and that’s pretty interesting but the element that got our attention actually has to do with all the other ways in which wood was used throughout the house.

Instead of eliminating the imperfections in the wood and shaping it into a more streamline form, this live-edge dining table uses these elements to stand out and to become a focal point for the room. This is a design which turns the table into a large sculpture.

Even though the table and the chairs are actually the focal point of this dining space, it’s actually the area rug that has a crucial role in the whole design. It frames the table setting that prevents it from blending in with the matching floor too much.

This live-edge table is in fact an extension of the kitchen island and the combination is clever and space-efficient on several levels. However, what we like the most about this decor is the dramatic combo of wood against a dark background and the fact that the space doesn’t look dark or gloomy but actually pretty cozy and cheerful.


It would be a shame to cover up a beautiful wood table, especially one with a live-edge design. We suggest making the table the focal point of the dining area and surrounding it with simple furnishings and neutral colors or with nuances that bring out its beauty and emphasize its natural charm.

With live-edge tables it’s usually only the top that’s made of wood while the frame and base are of no interest visually. Here, however, things are different and the whole table is made of live-edge wood, featuring this continuous design, with matching patterns that seem to follow the lines of the design. {found on home-designing}.

It’s the same thing here. A long slab of wood was divided into three sections and together they make up a gorgeous live-edge dining table. Further more, the floor matches the table almost perfectly in terms of color and that’s quite lovely. It’s as if the table emerges out of the floor.

If you’d like to enhance the rustic charm of a live-edge dining table, pair it with simple benches or with chairs that have a similarly pure and simple design. Actually, you can do both and add diversity to the decor at the same time.

Another detail which we forgot to mention so far is the fact that live-edge dining tables help us bring the outdoors in. This is beautifully exemplified by designer Xu Fu-Min when putting together the decor for this house in rural China.

We’ll end on a bohemian note, with a contemporary design which pairs a live-edge dining table with a set of stunning views. The ambiance and the decor are breezy and pure and harmony dominates the whole setting.

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