Exterior of building with boat - Nature-inspired home Norway

Anchored to a rocky landscape in Larvik, Norway, this glass-walled home was especially designed as a weekend retreat for an interior architect, an artist and their two children. Designed by the architects at Lund Hagem, the site, accessible only by boat, is located within 16 feet of the water’s edge on a small island which boasts magnificent views.

The approximately 800-square-foot project named Cabin Lille Arøya is supported by stilts (solid galvanized steel columns built into the rock) and consists of two volumes. The lower volume accommodates the bedrooms and bathrooms, while the taller one shelters the kitchen, dining and living room. “The new volumes sit naturally with the existing landscape and allow for free circulation and use of the surrounding areas,” the architects said. “The building seeks to enhance the qualities of the site and make use of areas that originally had no value.”

Exterior of building with coastline - Nature-inspired home NorwayThe living room takes advantage of surrounding views thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors. Concrete finishes were paired with wooden flooring and metal fittings, for a “raw” effect, in tune with the landscape. Wooden decks clad in pine span the length of the sleeping area with a stairway that can take inhabitants up to the roof. [Photography by Alexandre Westberg]Water inlet leading to house - Nature-inspired home NorwayRocky cove - Nature-inspired home NorwayExterior of main living space - Nature-inspired home NorwayTop exterior of building - Nature-inspired home NorwaySide pine panels - Nature-inspired home NorwayOutside view from interior - Nature-inspired home NorwayOutside view of exterior rock wall - Nature-inspired home NorwayLiving room - Nature-inspired home NorwayBathroom - Nature-inspired home NorwayRock shower wall - Nature-inspired home NorwaySide deck - Nature-inspired home Norway

Lot blueprint - Nature-inspired home Norway

What is your favorite part of this nature-inspired island retreat?

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