Studio Saxe has designed a boutique hotel and yoga studio amid the jungle in Nosara, Costa Rica, an area known for the pursuit of health, wellness, and surfing. Its contemporary design reflects the local ethos while embracing the tropical environment it inhabits.

Nalu by Studio Saxe is composed of three individual pavilions—Villa Jardín, Villa Sombra, and Villa Sol—which are strategically placed in the landscape according to local wind and solar patterns, and to forge a visual connection to the jungle and ocean. The purposeful arrangement provides privacy for guests and a sense of exploration as they traverse the tropical environment to their abodes.

The underside of the overhanging roof represents the area's local craftsmanship.
Each villa is composed of a series of spaces, varying from two to three bedrooms, and offers different views out to the ocean. Overlapping timber roofs made from recycled teak planks and built by local craftsman provide shade from the powerful sun.
Each villa sits harmoniously within the tropical landscape,  shaded by trees and vegetation.
Each villa is equipped with its own salt-water swimming pool and outdoor shower.
Large, operable glass doors and clerestory windows provide a fluid transition between the interior retreat and the exterior landscape.