MZ Apartment is a lovely 47 sqm home located in Gdańsk, Poland, designed in 2020 by Raca Design Studio.


Designing this 47 square meter apartment located in the center of Gdańsk, in a newly emerging district in the area of ​​a former military garrison, gave us a lot of joy. The basis of the concept is a raw base on the walls and concrete floor, which emphasizes contrasting colorful furniture, soft textures and beautiful details.

The main element of the open living room is a large oak table with colorful, soft and light Moroso and HAY chairs. Above the table hangs an Oaxaca lamp designed by Michał Raca for the Totem-Light brand.

In the kitchen, it is worth paying attention to the bookcase in which we have hidden, behind the rosewood fronts, a high refrigerator that can be opened by means of brass quarters of a circle. A row of low kitchen cabinets in pale pink color was covered with a thick terrazzo top and reveals the secrets for whom the apartment was designed – for a young woman

Pink appears throughout the apartment, from accessories to entire walls. It is no different in the bathroom, which is a mix of all colors and textures appearing in the rest of the apartment.

The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by large glazing, ornamental glass, wrapped in delicate pistachio frames. As a result, the entire bathroom is immersed in natural light.

Photography by Tom Kurek

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