We recently celebrated this girls birthday this month (with her brother’s coming up tomorrow!) and I can’t believe my baby is 5 years old already. She’s been such a spark of fun, joy, spunk and sweetness for us all. She’s so precocious and social and I love it. I definitely think she’ll take after her father and possibly love acting (no so much shy like her mamma). She’s an artist as well and a dreamer and so thoughtful about others feelings.

She wanted a mermaid birthday so we celebrated by making giant mermaids for her friends to color and decorate with seashells, jewels and more. We also made a set of mini ones (shown here) for puppets and cake toppers (full mermaid party pack coming to the shop so soon!).

I love to have a special birthday outfit picked out for her each year and this darling Bonjour Diary shirt from a new favorite French boutique littlefrenchheart.com (can’t wait to go in person next time in Paris). We paired it with her favorite Kokori Kids wales trousers. I also made this sparkle crown lined with soft faux fur (more of which will also be in the shop for holiday!).    

Happy birthday my dear little girl! xoxo

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