My Art Supplies 2017

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0:00 Paper and Sketchbooks
2:51 Pencil
4:03 Ink (liquid ink, fountain pens and pigment fineliner pens)
9:32 Makers
11:17 Water colors
14:29 Brushes

Here is a list of the colors in my watercolor palette. Each brand gives each of their colors a name, but this makes it hard to shop across brands. So I also listed the names for the pigments of each color. All of these are Schmincke Horadam colors.

Lemon Yellow PY3
Medium Cadmium Yellow PY35
Cobalt Turquoise PG50
Helio Turquoise PB16
Indigo PB 15:1 and PB66
Ultramarin Finest PB74 oder Ultramarin Blau PB15/PB29
Helioceolin PB15:3
Russian Blue PB27
Payne’s Grey Blue PBk6 and PB15:6
Medium Cadmium Red PR108
Alazarin Crimson PR83:1
Brillant Purpur PR81:2
Light Ocher PY42
Raw Sienna PBr7 and PY43
Burnt Sienna PR101 and PBk9
Sepia PB15:1 und PBr7 and PBk9
Lamp Black PBk6



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