Music Inspired Winter Wedding With Offbeat Details

Music holds a special place in Katie and Darren’s heart – both musicians, Darren proposed at the gig of one of their favorite bands, and were introduced through musical friends. It was absolutely clear that their wedding was to be inspired by music and be very creative, and it was!

They chose December 29th for their wedding as they knew everybody would already probably have time off work, their venue was chosen as it was the closest proximity to most of their friends and family with loads of affordable accommodation options and they employed the creative talents of their nearest and dearest to fill their vendor list wherever possible. Everything was chosen so that the guests were happy and it made the couple happy, too! There was a two hundred and fifty strong guest list, and their bridal party included 11 bridesmaids and three best men! With a £16,000 budget, they found ways to make it work, for example, chose street-food style catering.

The bride was wearing a princess-style wedding gown with a floral embroidered bodice and a layered tulle skirt. The groom was rocking a black suit with a printed vest and a tie matching her dress.

They kept their ceremony costs down by opting out of church bells or tons of flowers to decorate, and DIY’d many decorative elements to reduce costs too. Their church ceremony was as one-of-a-kind as the couple themselves and included lots of audience participation. The couple went for some offbeat choices, with bridesmaids holding lanterns instead of bouquets, a prophetic artist who, during the ceremony, unveiled a portrait he’d created with the guests’ signatures instead of a guestbook. Katie and Darren even kicked off the reception by playing in their own band, something Katie was reluctant to commit to but wouldn’t have had it any other way. Get inspired by the pics of this cool wedding below!

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