Music Filled Farm Wedding With DIY Decor

Vicky and Zachary decided to go for a farm wedding. The farm actually belongs to Vicky’s parents, so it seemed like the obvious choice for their celebrations. Vicky did a lot of the decoration and was helped out by friends and family.
The couple wanted a laid-back wedding outdoors with lots of music so Vicky’s parent’s farm made the ideal venue. It took around 18 months to plan, with it taking place on the farm rather than a recognized venue – the guys had to book everythign themselves. The couple decided that they wouldn’t compromise on the food, music and bar. There was no specific theme or color scheme, they just kept things quite neutral and rustic. There was no florist: the bride bought foliage on an online flower auction to decorate the tables and ordered her bridal flowers and button holes from Grace and Thorn. They arrived the day before the wedding, fully assembled and perfect. The tables were decorated with mixed foliage stems in a circle around centerpieces of terrariums which the couple filled with moss. Dotted around the table we had a mix of succulents, tea lights, candle sticks and mini photo frames with mine and…

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