Mumbai Street Food Tour at Night with Priyanka Tiwari + David’s Been Here

Mumbai Street Food Tour at Night with Priyanka Tiwari + David's Been Here

Join us for a Mumbai Street Tour at night with Priyanka Tiwari and David’s Been Here as we head over to Bademiya for late night eat until 3 am in the morning. In terms of the Indian Street Food that we tried it is combination of non veg (assortment of meats) and veg (paneer dishes) which provided a complete meal late at night in Mumbai, India.

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Here is the complete list of Mumba Street Food items we sampled:

1) Chicken Seekh Kebabs

Deliciously tender grilled chicken featuring spices such as garlic, chilli flakes, coriander, masala and ginger.

2) Chicken Tandoori

Chicken tandoori is one of my favorite ways to eat chicken in India which features chicken marinated in dahi (yoghurt) and masala covered in cayenne powder, tumeric and chilli giving it its signature red color and smoky taste.

3) Chicken Tikka

Tikka means boneless, so this boneless variety of tandoori chicken is a real hit because you can just pop it with your hands.

4) Paneer Bhurji

What ended up being our favorite dish of all was the veg menu of paneer bhurji. This dish features paneer (cottage cheese), tomatoes, garlic, chillies and onion served with chapatis.

If you’re considering a late night street food tour in Mumbai you’ll definitely want to head over to Bademiya Restaurant:

Bademiya Restaurant in Mumbai (बड़े मियां)
Address: Tulloch Road, Behind Hotel Taj Mahal, Apollo Bandar, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039, India
Hours: Monday to Sunday (12p.m.–3a.m.)
Phone: +91 99671 14179
More info:

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Mumbai Street Food Tour at Night with Priyanka Tiwari + David’s Been Here:

Hi guys I’m Priyanka and I make food videos, travel videos. You can follow me at Priyanka Tiwari and today we are at Bademiya (बड़े मियां) we are just doing the night stroll and enjoying the night Mumbai Street Food.

It is so nice to finally meet you. Same here, We actually just found out we watched each other’s videos.

ou can also say it is ulte tawa paratha and it is cooked very quickly. The fresh dough is right there. You can just pan it there. And just they are just making fresh chapatis.

We are just going to get like a spread of just about everything. I think veg and non veg. Let’s mix it up man.

Which ones did you try the last time you were here? Dude, I’ve tried like 4. You’ve tried 4? Yeah, it is like a mixture. My favorite was the mutton. Mutton kebab is ridiculous here. Wow.

What is this guys? The mutton biriyani. Mutton briyani. Chicken briyani. Chicken rice.

We’re going to get one mutton and then uh one lamb. Lamb. Sounds good dude. Lamb. So chicken, lamb, mutton. We’re getting this various types of chickens here so they have chicken tikka.

We are trying chicken leg tandori. My favorite thing about it is just the smokiness of the outside.

It is juicy. Like these guys are grill masters man. These guys know what they are doing. I mean they are so efficient and skilled. It is just amazing watching them. It is like performance art. It is like 70 years in business and some of those guys have been there over 20 years.

this is Paneer Bhurji with rumali roti. I think it is going to be a little bit of spicy because I can see red garlic in it. So come on let’s try it.

It is incredibly colorful. It is it is so come on. Let’s do it. So just grab a piece.

I’m just going to grab a whole bunch of it. Oh let’s try it.

That paneer. This is good. Paneer for the win.

Alright my friends. What a feast of feasts. It is 3 am in the morning. I think we’re a little crazy to be going this long. Did you guys have a good meal?

Loved it. Bademiya (बड़े मियां) after all. It was so good. Mumbai the best food in India.

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