Mountain Retreat is a amazing home located in North Carolina, United States, designed by Magdalena Bach.


The architectural concept behind this project on a top of a North Carolina mountain was to create a retreat where nature is in focus and which accommodates the leisure and luxury of vacation living, while flowing perfectly into the surrounding nature.

For that reason the house is not designed as one big volume, but consists of three interconnected structures. The Main House with a view of the lake and distant mountain ridges with living, dining and kitchen as well as the master suite, the Entry/Hall Building, greeting visitors with a view to the west oriented courtyard and the Guest House.

Surrounding terraces connect those structures and create a platform for multiple outdoor leisure spaces sheltered from the weather. The spaces weave in and out, framing panoramic views of mountains and lake to blur the boundaries between inside and outside. The mix of minimalistic detailing juxtaposing raw wood against white walls with tall glass panes and simple furnishings gives this rustic contemporary home its character. Large glass panes provide passive solar heating during winter, but in the summer trees shade the house thereby keeping it cool, and minimizing energy consumption.

Photography by John MacLean

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