Most UNIQUE Street Food in Turkey - Sirdan SUSHI + Extreme Street Food Tour of Istanbul!

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Today, we’re going for another FULL ON street food adventure with Culinary Backstreets through Istanbul, Turkey, with their amazing guide Benoit! This is part 3 of 4!

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Today, we’re going for 5 amazing locations through Istanbul in this part 3 of 4 Istanbul street food tour for some of the BEST Turkish Street Food in the world!!!

First up, Benoit is taking us to the most amazing Beyran shop, this is one of the most delicious foods in Istanbul.
Shop Name: Dürümcü Emmi

And next up, we’re going to see the most unique street food in Turkey, the Sirdan! This one looks very interesting, but it is not what it seems.

And next up, we’re watching the making of Kadayif, one of Turkey’s most famous sweets!
Shop Name: Başak Tel Kadayıf

And next up, we’re going to watch the making of Turkish Manti, AKA Turkish Dumplings, these were so delicious!!
Shop Name: sayla manti

And next up, we’re going to go have the most amazing lamb’s head salad!
Shop Name: kadikoy kelle sogus muammer

And to finish up the day, we’re going to go see the making of Cig Kofte, a raw meatball loaded with spices!
Shop Name: Kilisli Fiko

I hope you enjoy the FULL ON street food tour of Istanbul Turkey with CULINARY BACKSTREETS! CHECK OUT and use coupon code “FOODRANGER10” for 10% off any of their amazing street food tours around the world!


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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