There’s not much I miss about my pre baby days but the freedom to travel wherever and whenever (budget depending!) is something that I can’t help but long for. I love the sensation of new sights and smells, discovering hidden gems and of course finding treasures to bring home. When the lovely people at Etsy got in touch to give me a voucher to spend on anything, I jumped at the chance to scratch my travel bug and went on a nap time adventure to the souks of Marrakech.
If you haven’t come across Etsy before, it’s a global online market place full of thousands of independent sellers, selling everything from jewellery to rugs, craft supplies to prints. I have to confess I can sometimes find the whole selection a little overwhelming so over the years I have found ways to streamline my search. If I want something for my home, usually textiles, I think of where I’d like to travel to – it could be India, Turkey or in this case Morocco. Marrakech is top of my travel list so I started looking for Moroccan wedding blankets and then came across this beautiful throw and cushions. I love the thrill of the chase and the rabbit hole of inspiration that can be found, just don’t forget to favourite as you go so can remember what you have discovered.
Over the last year our living room has taken quite a battering, from spending most of last winter tucked up with a new born to the summer hiding from building work. It needed some TLC before winter set in again. I cleared all the existing throws and cushions and added a throw, it’s so soft. The colour is a perfect grey and the huge tassels keep it fun, I’ve folded the edge over so they run along the top of the sofa. I was tempted to buy a whole moroccan wedding blanket but glad I stuck with cushions, I feel that these are just the beginning of my collection and can add more over time. 

I’m so in love with these new pieces, sometimes I just sit and admire all the textures and watch candle light bounce off the metal discs! Even though I haven’t been on a plane, I still have the same sense of satisfaction of discovery and treasure hunting – thanks Etsy!

A huge thanks to Etsy for providing the throw and cushions, you can see more from their #DifferenceMakesUs campaign here.  All thoughts, opinions, styling and photos are my own.