When you’re stuck in an office or a lounge with a bunch of other people, finding a spot where you can have some privacy and peace and quiet can be nearly impossible…or such used to be the case until privacy seating started to become a thing. It’s practical and it’s also very cozy and we wouldn’t exclude the possibility of bringing one of these chairs or benches home so you can be as antisocial as you want and not feel bad about it. We’ve talked a bit about this in the past so you can check out those ideas too. Today we’re completing the list with a few more inspiring products.

Chill-Out High is a modular system of sofas with high backrests which can be combined into various different seating configurations based on the layout of the space. The collection was designed by Gordon Guillaumier in 2016 and includes several different modules which can be paired with tables of various shapes and sizes, ottomans or stools and which can be incorporated into various different settings, both casual and formal.

This design makes sense more once you find out the piece is called the EarChair. It’s a chair designed by studio Makkink & Bey for office spaces. It’s very strong and sturdy and it definitely makes a statement not just because of its unusual form but also with its size. There are many ways to customize the EarChair by choosing between the small, medium and large ear options for the left or the right side and by combining different fabrics and colors for the inside and outside of the chair.

The Basket collection (inspired by beach baskets, hence the name) is a modular set of sofas, armchairs and poufs with two back heights to choose from. We’re particularly intrigued by the high back versions because they offer more privacy. These models could be perfect for open office spaces, waiting rooms and lobbies. The series comes in a bunch of vibrant colors which makes these modules even more eye-catching.

Check out this curved sofa from Knightsbridge. It’s made of three modules and several more can be added. Imagine this in a cozy breakfast nook in a kitchen, in a casual lounge space, a reading corner and even in a workspace. It’s not as closed off as other privacy seating options we’ve seen but it definitely makes a space feel extra intimate and cozy.

Screen Solutions offers some interesting and very practical designs as well. Check out these booths. They can be used as private workstations or as intimate meeting nooks. they’re designed for offices and they can have adjustable or fixed height. There are many different ways in which they can be useful and a lot of ways in which they can be configured and organized.

The Norton Wing Sofa designed by James Harrison inspired a lot of great looks, including this one. This is a perfect blend of modern and traditional design details, the result being a timeless look that’s perfect for any space, whether it’s an office, a library, a living room or a lobby.

If you’re looking for something more like an armchair but with a design that wraps around you like a cocoon, you might like Beatnik. It’s not just a chair but also a music station. You can connect your phone via bluetooth or AirPlay and play music through the built-in Bose sound system. There’s an amplifier under the seat and the “wings” block the sound from the outside while also providing privacy. This is definitely a very cool piece of furniture that’s not just up to date in terms of style but also inspiring from a technological point of view.

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