Even if you didn’t know the name Piet Mondrian, you probably know the style. Characterized by a rigid geometry of squares and rectangles, filled using a limited primary school palette of colors, Mondrian’s compositions are striking in their simplicity. The iconic motif has been famously adopted from fashion to furniture.

Piet Mondrian in his New York Studio, 1942 | NONAGON.style

De Stijl

With its ambitious name, meaning The Style, De Stijl was an art movement founded in 1917 by Dutch artists Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian. It can be said that Mondrian’s influence is not only limited to his contemporaries but went on to inform the Bauhaus style and the International Style in architecture. By boiling down the subject of their paintings to their essence, the compositions focused on telling a story through emotions, a pictorial and plastic language.


“All painting – the painting of the past as well as of the present – shows us that its essential plastic means were only line and color.” — Piet Mondrian


Piet Mondrian,

5 Home Interiors in the Style of Mondrian

Mondrian’s lasting influence on interior decor is still present today. Here, we’re featuring a selection of five homes decorated in a bold grid of black lines and painted with primary colors that pay homage to the Mondrian style.

Luxury Yacht Interior Inspired by Mondrian

Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design: Luxury yacht interior with yellow bed, cubist pattern rug and black lines on the walls with a singe blue section | NONAGON.style

This interior adoption of Mondrian’s explorations comes in the form of a luxury yacht that saw the painter’s vivid planes and grids transformed into one yellow bed, a cubist pattern rug and a few black lines on the walls with a single blue section, where red, blue and yellow are set amidst a conventional white background allowing the internal space to stand out, and black frames cleverly re-create black composition lines.

Mondrian Style Children’s Room

Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design: Children

This is a children’s room harnessing the Mondrian color vibe. There are vibrant hues of red, yellow and blue. By simplifying the language of lines and rectangles, the kid’s room explores the dynamics of the simplistic style.

Mondrian Themed Modern Workspace

Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design: Mondrian themed workspace install with black unit carcasses, worktop and shelving, then select cupboard doors in red, blue, yellow and white colorways | NONAGON.style

The modern workspace design concept, using storage and cupboard doors painted in red, white and blue to frame the work area.

Mondrian Style Kitchen and Dining Room

Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design: Mondrian inspired Kitchen Dining room | NONAGON.style

Departing slightly from the usual bold hues and giving in to coral, the kitchen and dining room evokes Mondrian’s boxy composition in a palette reminiscent of The Simpsons. Highlighted features include the gold taps, that cabinet hardware in a deep blue and even a disco ball, complemented perfectly by a bright yellow fridge.

Cappellini’s Cabinet Homage

Piet Mondrian Inspired Interior Design: Homage to Mondrian Cabinet by by Shiro Kuramata | NONAGON.style

Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata designed the Homage to Mondrian Cabinet for furniture manufacturer Cappellini as a tribute to the celebrated Dutch painter. Kuramata transposed the Dutch painter’s primary color blocking onto the front panels of the cabinet.

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