The Swedish real estate agency Fantastic Frank is always a good place to visit for interior inspiration. Over and over the stylists manage to make some quite ordinary apartments into something that goes viral, and it might look easy but I can assure you its not. Today I was in need of something that can help me clear my mind and to focus on the loads of work I have to do this week. The photos from Roslandsgatan is exactly what I was looking for. Beautifully styled in white and natural hues with focus on the materials and textures.

Linen, wool and wood in beige and brown makes the white apartment warmer and more personal, and the few and carefully selected details underlines the modern and minimalistic expression. I can recognize both the stool and the glass bottle in the photo above from the Sinnerlig collection from Ikea. The collaboration between Ilse Crawford and Ikea were sold out on no time and it´s easy to see why, the pieces are both timeless and beautiful.

Love the brown and beige details in the all white kitchen. Again, textures and shapes that brings warmth and personality into the the room. So simple and easy to copy if you want to update your own white kitchen in no time. More photos to be found here.


Innlegget MONDAY INSPIRATION dukket først opp på ELISABETH HEIER.