I realised that I did quite a few projects for Mollie Makes magazine at the end of last year but never shared them here (which is a bit silly). My first project of the year are these really sweet beaded earrings. Seed beads are the first beads I remember buying, I used to buy them by the scoop in my local haberdashery and still have them all in their tobacco tin. They are quite often over looked for  fancier counterparts but it’s always fun to get back to using them. They come in so many different hues I quite often buy them just because the colours make me happy. If you’re in the UK I think the best place to buy them is The Bead Shop in Covent Garden, they have all the colours I usually manage to add a few more tubes to my collection every time I go in. 
The inspiration for these earrings came from a peyote design however, as I’m unable to follow sensible beading techniques I came up with a simpler version which I think anyone can do. For me its really important to create projects that as many of you can enjoy. Jewellery making is such a great hobby (I promise), I always want to encourage anyone to give it a try without being intimidated by a complicated method. For the full tutorial find yourself a copy of Mollie Makes Issue 77 or download here