While the big interior design elements like the overall style, the color of the wall, the flooring material and other things definitely help to shape a space, it’s the little things that ultimately give it character, things like the coat rack or pendant lamp. Speaking of which, we have a great selection of modern coat racks that we think you’ll enjoy as much as we do. Without further ado, let’s see what makes each of these wall mounted coat racks special.

It’s so simple and yet so clever and so practical….the Teddy Hook is basically just a wooden peg with a leather strap that forms a loop underneath. The strap is perfect for scarves and other accessories and the peg can hold the usual coat, hat or bag. You can install as many of these cute hooks as you want. You can choose between pegs with a clear-coat maple, finished walnut or black-stained maple finish and straps in brown, black, pink, turquoise or coral.

Most wall-mounted coat racks include more than one hook and the numbers can vary quite a bit but usually you’d have around 5 or 6 hooks grouped together on a coat rack similar to this one. This mid-century-modern rack is made of mango wood and iron and its design is simple, featuring clean lines and a minimalist geometry. You can get it on Urbanoutfitters.

The fun thing about individual wall hooks is that you can mix and match various different designs and to create your own collection, plus you can install each one at whatever height you want.  One of them could be thing peace sign hook that we found on Urbanoutfitters. It’s made of polyresin and it’s easy to install and to use whether you want it for the entryway, the bathroom or even for your bedroom.

There’s not much to see in the desert, right? Well, yes and no. While the immensity of the sand dunes may definitely suggest a barren land, there are all sorts of little creatures hiding in there plus the cacti are truly amazing. So how about bringing some of that mystery into your home with this desert-inspired coat rack? It’s a wire rack with a design obviously inspired by cacti. It offers five sturdy hooks for coats, hats, scarves, bags and everything else. You can find it on Urbanoutfitters.

These wall-mounted coat racks are definitely twisted but in a good way. They’re created by KROMMdesign and they’re very sculptural and eye-catching which allows them to conveniently double as decorations. These unique shapes are created using the bentwood techniques. There are three different models to choose from. They’re all made of oak with an oil finish and they feature a series of steel hooks.

Practical accessories which are able to double as wall art are more and more popular these days. Coat racks like this one are a great example. Designed by studio Micklish, this wall-mounted geometric coat rack looks like a piece of abstract, contemporary art thanks to its simple and modern form. The rack consists of a black metal frame and a series of wood legs which mark the internal joints.

It’s often the simplest designs that are the most interesting ones, like that of the Morse Coat Rack which, given the name, is obviously inspired by the morse code. The five dots serve as hooks for coats, scarves, bags and other accessories and the dash serves as a small shelf for sunglasses, phones and other things which you can’t hang.

Another example of a wall-mounted coat rack which could easily pass as artwork is the Ski Stand designed by Pinuccio Borgonovo which is more than just a set of hooks. The design is unusual and consists of a series of vertical wooden slats which you can pull from at the top and as the slope changes they become the equivalents of hooks which can hold coats, hats and other things. In addition to that, the rack also features LED light accents which give it a dramatic and artistic look.

The list of artistic and sculptural coat racks continues with the Leaf which is a set of three hooks with hexagon-shaped fronts made of laser-cut sheet steel. The cool thing about it is that you can combine several of these modules to create a larger wall installation with a honeycomb-inspired look. The rack comes in five different colors including white, black, yellow, green and red.

The Simplex pegs are so cute and so unlike any regular coat hook that it would actually be fair to say that their primary function is to look good (as wall art). It’s as if it’s merely a coincidence that you can actually hang things on these pegs. Get them in sets of four and enjoy the stylish color schemes and the diversity of size.

The Wing coat hanger is unique and exquisite in its own way. It has three arms which can serve as individual hangers and they seem to come to life as you turn them and move them around. In a way, you could say that the rack spreads its wings. But even without this metaphor this is still a very stylish and chic accessory.

If playful designs are not really your style, check out the Piol coat rack which is just as stylish but has a more neutral appearance. This elegant and versatile wall-mounted coat rack is made os solid walnut or chestnut and has tapered wooden pins attached to boards available in different shapes and sizes. Single pins are also available in case you plan on customizing your entryway in a special way.

When you first look at this quirky piece it doesn’t really look like a coat rack. The Pelican is in fact a shelf, like a small tray with two or three hooks attached to the underside. The hooks are barely visible and can be used for coats, small bags, scarves, gloves and even jewelry and the shelf can hold all sorts of small objects, either decorative or practical.

Classical with a playful twist…these are the words we’d use to describe the Eames Hang-It-All coat rack. Designed in 1953, this charming accessory features a sturdy and at the same time sleek steel frame which twists and bends to form hangers, each with a solid wood sphere on its head. The spheres are painted in a variety of bold and cheerful colors.

We saved the Alaka coat rack for last because of the designer’s choice of material. This is a marble rack with a minimalist and versatile design and a classy and refined look. Beveled edges and clean lines allow each hanger to stand out in a subtle manner and to double as wall decorations when not in use.

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