Wall shelves or shelving units are great when you want to fill up a space in your living room or when you need just a little bit of extra storage space somewhere in your home. They’re versatile and they can really stand out and look eye-catching if you want them to. Wall bookshelves come in a variety of forms and styles and in addition to those you can always just get some custom-designed that specifically fits your space, storage requirements and style.

This is Rocky,  a credenza designed by Charles Kalpakian.  Its design is pretty unusual in the sense that it creates a cool optical illusion that isn’t quite what you’d expect it to be. The unit features a geometric form with angular lines and was created as a 3D representation and variation of a classic pattern used by cabinet makers. The shape and look change depending on the viewing angle.

This shelving system designed by Bashko Trybek is called Climb. Its design is really simple but at the same time the system impresses with its versatility and graphical appeal. A nice little detail is the fact that the wood shelves that actually make up the unit are beveled on all edges, They’re made of solid wood and they’re connected by tension wires that become a part of the design.

Another simple and versatile system of open shelves is the Loop. It has a series of bamboo shelves with brass features and black steel rods that keep them up straight and attached to the wall. They can be used as standalone pieces or they can be used in groups of two, three or more, depending on your storage needs and on the space that you want to fill.

We enjoy versatility and flexibility in interior design. The ability to change elements in the decor whenever you feel like it and to be able to accommodate various different situations is pretty wonderful. That’s pretty much what the X2 smart shelf offers. Made of solid wood, the shelf is fully customizable. You can position it in any way you want and you can always have fun creating new storage compartments.

The name says it all. This is the XI bookshelf. It’s called this way because it actually has this particular form. The unit is available in oak or walnut and comes in a flat box. You can assemble it like a puzzle. This part is pretty fun and when you’re done with it you can enjoy its quirky features and their impact on the overall decor.

This is the Alliteration shelving unit, a piece designed by Marie Christine Dorner. It has a very unusual and nontraditional design, even though it may not seem that unusual at first sight. The design is based on a simple concept. It’s a series of vertical and horizontal panels arranged in a grid. They appear to decrease in size as they reach towards the ceiling and this creates an unexpected look.

The Hardy wall bookcase was designed in 2011 by Andrea Parisio. It looks very graphical and it combines modern and industrial characteristics. It resembles a grid and it fits nicely in a variety of spaces and decors from offices to living rooms and even bedrooms. Use it as a regular bookcase or as a storage and display unit for things like collectibles or boxes.

Fendi Casa offers some interesting designs as well when it comes to furniture, including wall bookshelves. This particular one is quite simple but it is elegant and stylish. There’s something a bit more formal about it compared to other designs which are mostly casual or more eye-catching.

The design of the Frisco shelving unit is a bit contrasting. The unit is created by Hugues Weill. Its form is unusual and with a strong geometric and graphical allure. On one hand the design is pretty simple structurally speaking. On the other hand, the whole unit has an intricate design which makes it stand out.

Another very interesting design is that of the Mixage shelving unit by Frederic Saulou. The cool and interesting thing about it is the fact that it combines a frame of open shelves with a few closed off cubbies nicely spread on each level. The cubbies are juxtaposed with the shelves giving the unit a very original look.

If you’re a fan of graphical furniture designs and geometric forms and patterns, you must definitely check out the Levya wall bookcase. It has an interesting latticework structure made out of tubular iron rods. The overall impression is that of a lightweight structure which, despite its very specific and unique look can blend in in a lot of different spaces and settings, whether it’s a modern, an industrial or even a rustic space.

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