A sectional sofa is just what a large living room needs. It provides plenty of seating for everyone and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space compared to the option of having multiple individual sofas or armchairs. A modular sectional sofa is even more practical and a great option for multifunctional spaces as its modules can be rearranged in all sorts of ways to create custom configurations. There’s much we need to discuss on the subject so let’s get to it.

Modular sofa units such as Lem focus a lot of versatility and flexibility. This is a system of five individual modules which can be mixed and matched in various different ways, based on the setup of the room or the needs of the users. You can find the modules in a wide variety of color options so feel free to combine them however you want.

This is the Point series, a modern sectional sofa structure made up of several modules, each available in a range of bright and fun colors. They range in size and have pine wood frames with cute little legs that show under the upholstered seats. We love how fresh this whole combination looks.

Being able to switch between several different sofa configurations is very useful, not just when you have guests over but also whenever you feel like making a change in the decor. The Bristol sectional sofa showed here was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud in 2013. It has double backrest cushions and thin armrests which ensure a lightweight appearance.

This is Mondrian, a pretty large sectional sofa created in 2016 by the same designer. The best word to describe it is freedom, more exactly the freedom to choose between several possible configurations as well as between various compatible accessories in order to create a custom setting that complements your home to perfection.

The Bolton sectional sofa is not lightweight or sleek nor does it try to be like that. Designed by Giuseppe Viganò in 2011, this piece is characterized by soft lines and smooth curves which help to give it a very cozy and comfortable look. It’s a perfect match for family rooms and casual lounge spaces.

Colorful roche bobois sectional sofa

Casual and cozy are also two terms that perfectly describe the Mah Jong sectional sofa set. It was designed by Hans Hopfer and it consists of several individual modules that sit directly onto the floor. They’re like floor cushions with (or without)  backrests. The set is incredibly versatile and the modules even have adjustable backs which makes them even more comfy. They’re great for casual living rooms or for home theater rooms.

It’s called Freeman and it’s a highly versatile sofa system with a dynamic and contemporary design. The detail that makes it special is its split personality. By that we mean that it looks as if these are two individual sofas, each with its own design, connected by a small modules in between them.

The Lawrence sectional is also defined by duality. Once again, we’re looking at a highly versatile and dynamic composition made up of two seemingly different elements with distinct personalities and design details. However, this duality doesn’t stop the components from becoming a harmonious set.

Slab Plus is the type of sectional sofa which looks great in contemporary settings but can potentially fit in just as nicely in lots of other spaces and decors. The flexibility lies in its simple design and well-balanced look. This is a design by Mauro Lipparini.

The Sinua sectional is also quite small relative to other models we’ve seen so far. That, however, doesn’t diminish its charm and beauty in any way. In fact, the reduced dimensions make it more versatile and give it a particularly cozy appeal. The linear forms mixed with round curves result in a harmonious design ready to make any modern living room look gorgeous.

We remain in the sphere of modular sectional sofas and we present you Caresse, an elegant set designed to be comfortable as well as flexible and adaptable. The modules have multi-layer wood frames and polyurethane foam cushions with upholstery available in fabric or leather.

Modularity has a special meaning for the Sanders sectional sofa. It doesn’t only refer to the ways in which the seating modules can be combined together but also to the fact that the backrest cushions can be placed anywhere for maximum comfort and flexibility. A few extra throw pillows can make the experience even better.

If it’s simplicity and modularity you’re after, the Eros sofa can satisfy those needs in style. Design-wise, this modern sectional sofa has a timeless look defined by simple forms and an overall classical look. Pair it with several ottomans to create a living room arrangement and use the large modules as daybeds whenever you want to relax.

It’s the little details that make a furniture piece stand out. In the case of the Lennox sectional, it’s the asymmetrical design of the backrest which emphasizes the uniqueness of the unit. The height of the backrest varies depending on the position of each module into the overall structure of the sectional, being slightly raised at the ends and lower at the center.

The thing we like most about the Pixel sectional sofa is that its modules share the same design pattern but have different forms, structures and dimensions. Given this diversity, the modules can be freely combined to form unique configurations and can even be used individually as separate seats.

With Lightpiece you get both a sectional sofa and a bookcase. It’s an interesting combination, one which suits the design well. Curious where the bookcase we mentioned is? Check out the wooden armrest box. It’s the perfect place to store your favorite books or to keep the remote control and a bunch of other things that usually take up space on the coffee table.

Small and large modules come together harmoniously in the design of the Jasper sectional. This is an elegant and versatile piece which you can get in full leather or full fabric but also in a combination which features leather on the outer shell and fabric on the inner surfaces.

The term modularity defines the Dunn sofa in a rather interesting way. Its design is apparently simple and straight-forward but the headboard hides a few features. It has headrests aligned with the back panel and each can be adjusted individually for increased comfort.

Even though modularity is important in a sectional sofa, it’s not everything. Things like looks and comfort are also important priorities and sets like the Graffiti emphasize them in a very elegant way. The series is designed by Studio Viganò and really knows how to look stylish.

The ability to customize the furniture offers a great advantage for both customer and designer. A dialogue is established between the two parts, each benefiting from what the other has to offer. Argo is a system shaped by these very ideas. It’s tailor-made to allow the creation of optimal configurations for each individual space.

A lot of modern sectional sofas deliver in terms of functionality and versatility but not all are designed to stand out visually. That’s what sets apart Dunder from other similar sets. It’s made of modules with comfortable seats, sturdy frames and cushions shaped like…cushions, each with a single button at its center. It looks cute and quirky, especially when paired with colorful throw pillows.

We love the minimalism of the Kerman sectional modules. They have a sculptural and graphical allure and they can be combined freely to form cozy two-seater sofas as well as extensive sectional structures by linking the end modules with connectors.

Available with both fabric and leather upholstery, the Flamingo sectional is designed to fit well in corners and to look natural in modern and contemporary living room settings thanks to the simplicity of its design. The sleek aluminum feet are available with a polished or black-painted finish.

The Kirk sofa looks lovely as a two-seater and its charm increases with each added module. You can combine as many modules as you want to create the perfect seating arrangement for your living or lounge area. The canaletta walnut base contrasts with the upholstery and frames the sectional in a really elegant way.

Ideally, a sectional sofa would be comfortable, functional and good-looking, all at the same time. There are quite a few collections that offer this combo and Bloom is one of them. This modular system allows living rooms to be organized and structured in various different ways, based on needs and aesthetic preferences.

In case you need more inspiration, you can also check out all the great sectional sofa designs offered by gamamobel. They’re all defined by simple lines and comfortable upholstery as well as an inherent modern charm.

We’ll end the list on a colorful note, with the Urban series. It’s a collection made of various modules with distinctive shapes and functions which can be combined to form all sorts of seating configurations. Their designs are casual and focused on comfort and fresh looks. Adjust the backrest for more comfort and choose from a variety of different colors and patterns to create a sectional with character.

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